FATs Practice sites

Can anyone recommend any sites for the flying aptitude tests?

Have found one site (Speed Distance Time | OASC: RAF Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre) but there are only a few questions on that site and the reviews of Flight Aptitude Test Guide for RAF OASC Cranwell FATS doesn't inspire confidence.

I have been told that the brain training games are also useful so looks like sister's DS is going to be borrowed for a while .....anyone got any particular recommendations as far as that's concerned?
Best thing I found was to do the SDT questions in the link above then do the calculations x100 on the original brain training game which comprises of 100 simple arithmetic questions. Also try this game... Multitask - Play it on Not Doppler . To be perfectly honest, you cant do much other than simple arithmetic, your aptitude is your aptitude, either you have what it takes or you don't, simple as.
Best of luck!
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