FAT's - My Experience.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RoverDen, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I have found these forums extremely useful so I feel like I should also contribute to help others. I would like to share my experience of the FAT's for those that are thinking of going aircrew.

    Make sure you arrive by at least 16:00 (if traveling by car, I don't know the timings etc for trains), you will need to go to the candidates mess to pick your keys up for your accommodation. You will then drop your bags off at the candidates mess (shown on the map you will have been given) and then you need to head off to Adastral Hall where a Lieutenant will give you a short brief on what to expect. The rest of the night is yours and tea will also be served (the food is very good by the way!).

    Make sure you get plenty of sleep, fire alarm goes off at 06:00 and you should be at breakfast by 06:30. After another brief, testing will begin around 07:30ish. As the Lieutenant said on the day you arrive, you've either got it or you haven't and it is somewhat of a thing you inherit from your parents! I would say there are few things you can practice for the test. However, I would highly recommend the Nintendo DS brain training and brushing up on your distance/speed/time - make sure you can do them very quickly! I found all the other preparation I did of not much use.

    Important - it is not a test to see who can finish the quickest, you are allowed to read the instructions twice. Use this to your advantage and also take the given breaks to clear your head. Although each of the individual tests are timed, there is no overall time limit - so don't worry if someone finishes by lunch time and you have still got quite a bit to go.

    Hope this helps some people a bit more, play the CLAN game on the FAT thread to get a feel for the multi-tasking. All the other games such as space invaders etc are a bit pointless I think in terms of preparing for your FAT's.

    Good luck.
  2. I'll second all that RoverDen.

    I'd also get use to 'ball-parking' tough questions as you only get a minute per question and NO PAPER for the harder s/d/t questions. You pick up more marks the closer to the answer you are.

    There are stacks of verbal reasoning questions which you have to glean from numerous pages of info. The nearest you'll get to practising that is to read a long article, then ask someone to question you on it.

    A flight sim would be handy too. Get used to the looks of flight instruments and what they do if you don't have much flying experience.

    Eat a mound of food for breakfast and try to not to have too much (£1.50/pint!) to drink the night before.

    I can assure you that you will press the wrong buttons and input the wrong answers at times. You will have ok sections, then ones which you think you've done really bad at but you MUST put it behind you and crack on.

  3. Some good points mentioned there Woodrow, don't leave anything blank - have a complete guess if need be, you may get lucky!

    With booze prices so low it was tempting to get wrecked, they even had Jaegermeister there! However, a fresh mind is definitely the way forward!
  4. I sneaked in a Snickers Bar in me pocket and ate it on the breaks, gave me a boost!
  5. This booklet.... http://www.fatpass.co.uk/ .......is very helpful and for only £6.99 it's a winner.

    Admittedly some of the answers are wrong and it takes three years to print off, but the questions (especially the last thirty or so) give a good example of what to expect.

    The people that failed in our group hadn't looked into any things like this, believing it ALL to be about inherent ability. Most of it is, but getting your maths right and having an idea about what you'll encounter saves precious seconds in the test room.

  6. FAT-Pass was crap! They sent me an updated answer sheet and I stil picked out mistakes which I'd double-checked and had my brother look over.

    The thing that really threw me was that all the SDT questions were in miles/minute, whereas all the exercises I did were in miles/hour. The FAT thread on about page-9 is great, full of useful links to get you in the mood, especially the KLAN test, which I actually enjoyed at Cranwell.

    When did you pass Woodrow?
  7. Yes it is flawed, but there's nothing closer to what you get at Cranwell!

    We had a mixed bag of questions for the s/d/t. Some were miles/hour and some were miles/minute which are easier as you just x60.

    The 'FATs - useful links' thread is great, but it makes out that the CLAN test is incredibly difficult. It's just a memory game with pretty colours really - a welcome break from the harder stuff! This is subjective though, and people will do better at different things than others.

    I sat the tests this week, so it's fresh in my mind if anyone wants to know more. The tests themselves change all the time though I hear.

  8. Very similiar. If anything, the one at Cranwell is easier. The only differences are that the arrows are replaced by colours, and that the a/s/d colour thing at the bottom of the screen is replaced by a series of letters (4-9 digits) that will appear and you'll have to remember them and choose from four sets that will appear 10-15 seconds later.

    The games feel like light relief from all the other stuff! It sounds ridiculous but get your compass points second nature because after six hours of these things you won't remember north from south!

    Get used to cross-referencing tables for data too. Thinking about it, if you're ever passing a Ladbrokes, pick up a football sheet that has those first scorer/final score odds and start picking players with scores as quickly as possible. Sounds random, but it's not far off what you get!

  9. Ah, alright.

    Looking at the majority of the FATs on the website with the big list, they look like the kind of thing I would find relatively easy, it's just that bloody game that seems pretty hard. Can only get like, 600.
  10. C20


    Thanks for the tips guys, got my FATS 15-16th Feb so have found your posts very helpful.

    Sentenashi - I'm the same, that blasted game does my head in, fingers crossed Cranwell is a bit easier :)
  11. If the CLAN test is your biggest worry then I'm sure you'll both be fine.

  12. Like WN said, if anything the CLAN at Cranwell is easier - make sure you divide your tasks evenly though i.e. don't just do the maths sums very quickly and ignore the rest. I notice someone said they sneaked a Snickers bar in, you are allowed to bring food and drink in, but keep it on the floor. The current record for food/drink consumption throughout the test is something like 5 bottles of Lucozade, some chocolate bars and a bunch of bananas! Just drink lots of RedBull like I did and you won't want the tests to end :D!
  13. Another tip - When the RAF officer at OASC reception directs you to the building with the Spitfire outside for a briefing, explain you are planning to join the Fleet Air Arm and if they'd be kind enough to draw what a Spitfire looks like for you.

    They'll be only too happy to help.

  14. Best to ask sooner rather than later though, because the test on aeroplane movement has a screen filled with them, and the bloody Red Arrows... :?
  15. just got my date for FATs 8th Feb...ill be going in like a walking vending machine!

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