FATS - How regularly do they take place


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FATs take place just about every month but in a bizarre twist of fate, in order to "speed things up", your AFCO have been told to request a place immediately after you pass the recruiting test. This could well mean candidates who are medically unsuitable, cannot run & not ready for AIB are loaded prematurely.

Unless there are cancelations it's unlikely you'll get a date before Jan/Feb for FATs because of this.
I passed my SIFT towards the end of June and my FAT's were the 19th of August then AIB end of September. If the pattern is the same then those date ranges are around what you should be looking at however as Ninja has already stated there is almost never a pattern. Just thought I would let you know how long it took with me. Good luck for when it comes around.

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Thanks guys, got my recruiting test and interview back in the UK in November. Thanks for the information ninja and booner. pretty handy to know since I m tryin to get back to nz to finish off my degree as soon as possible

I am applying aircrewman, and have previously applied for observer nearly 4 years ago and passed for the branch.

I was wondering is the competency interview the same as the sift interview in terms of material ? Navy knowledge etc?



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The Competency Based Interview is quite different to the Sift Interview.

The call-in letter gives the specific details but suffice to say you need to know all about the Aircrewman training pipeline.
Is the competency based interview a new thing? Without wanting to contradict you Ninja I feel that most of the questions I was asked in my SIFT interview were competency based. Have they decided to change it? If so what does the new interview consist of?

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If anyone knows the response to this it would be great. I went on an air acquaint at RNAS Culdrose a couple of weeks ago where a lieutenant told me that the sift interview had now changed to the competency based interview, which has no service knowledge other than the training pipeline of your chosen career. However, with my interview next week I'd like to know which interview I'm getting and whether I need to brush up on some service knowledge a little more!
whether I need to brush up on some service knowledge a little more!
You can never do enough and it's far better to know the information and not get asked than the other way round. Go for the bare minimum and you're setting yourself up to fail, so get back in the books.
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