FATs, an FAA candidate's view 2015!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by thewizard53, Nov 3, 2015.

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  1. I know there are lots of threads reviewing the process of Flying Aptitude Tests at RAF Cranwell, but many I found were outdated. I attended RAF Cranwell in Autumn 2015 and secured high passes for Pilot, Observer, and Air Traffic Control. I am happy to answer specific questions should anybody have any but this should provide an up-to-date source of information.

    I got my invite around two months before my FATs date. A couple of weeks before I booked my train tickets, and opted to stay an extra night at RAF Cranwell due to my travel times. I travelled and arrived for the 1425 bus to Cranwell. Note the bus times are very awkward, so make sure you arrive in plenty of time, our arrival time was no later than 1630 and we had plenty of time.

    Initial Brief
    Initial welcome was very basic and consisted of locations and timings and some general housekeeping rules. Then headed for dinner, which I won't describe!

    In the evening we'd been advised to not do any revision, but most spent about an hour in the mess and had a beer then went to do some work! Though on reflection it may not have been helpful, it was quite reassuring. I got to sleep around 2330.

    Test Morning
    I woke up at 0550 and showered. You have to clear your room in the morning and bring kit over to the candidates' mess in the morning so make sure you pack most of it the evening before. Do make sure you eat breakfast as it will really help you!

    You receive a small briefing at 0700 in Adastral Hall and then you go into the test centre.

    At preset intervals, you get five minute breaks which are timed in the briefing room (shown digitally). At around lunchtime you get a 45 minute break where you go to the candidates' mess and have lunch.
    During testing keep hydrated, and make use of the cold water fountain. Also stay focused even towards the end. The time does go quickly and it'll be over before you know it.
    At this point you go to the reception and wait which is scary and you'll get called through. You'll be informed of your Pilot, Observer, and Air Traffic Control. From here you're free to go/stay whatever is applicable.

    When they say you can't revise/prepare that is almost true, but practise the following:
    - times tables up to 12*12
    - Speed, time, distance, and fuel calculations
    - Bearings
    That really is all you can revise for. Sleep well, and stay calm - you're your own worse enemy!

    Hope this helps somebody.

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  2. I too attended and passed in 2015 the only further information I can add is that Desperados are £1.67 in the mess. One pound and sixty seven pence, it's the stuff of dreams.
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  3. Or nightmares if you have too many of them.
  4. What time did you finish at Cranwell after the tests?
  5. If you drink desperados you should fail. That is the preserve of tracksuit wearing, bandit playing RAF officers who's shocking taste in wets precludes them from service in the RN.
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  6. The last RN candidate finished at around 1630 (ie got their result at this time) though this could be longer as there were only 7/8 of us testing.

    Have you got your FATs soon?

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  7. Truer words have never been spoken

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  8. My son has in a couple of weeks time. What is the next stage?
  9. It depends on what he has already completed. For example I have only done my RT, IOCI, and FATs but many people had already done their medical, and PJFT.

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