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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by tim57, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    have been browsing this site for sometime now and everybody seems like a great bunch. I am in the process of applying as a pilot officer and am off to my FATS on Tuesday. Any last minute advice would be much appreciated.


    Also what dress code would you recommend, is it worth rolling up to Cranwell in a suit or is it mainly casual, smart causal worn?


  2. The smarter the better Tim
  3. Oh my boyfriend is at Cranwell at the moment! I think the smarter the better is the way forward - the Navy do not allow jeans on base so I think you can take it from there! Hehe! Good luck to you, let us know how you get on!!!
  5. Tim, i'm off to Cranwell in just under 2 weeks for the FATs as well, any advice you (or anyone else) could give would be much appreciated, even what to expect in terms of a timetable?? I've simply been told to arrive by a certain time and have no additional info.... guessing i'll be spending the evening there, tests the next day and then home james??? :?
  6. Well you only have to look at any RAF WWII film to find the dress code. Let me see.....Hair greased back or to the side. Decent attempt at a moustache. Oh and take a dog with you, preferably a Black Lab called 'nigger' (mind the traffic on the airfied) Talk in a terribly clipped BBC accent and chain smoke through the whole interview....piece of cake

    Good luck

    PS you might want to have your chin removed (extra points awarded)
  7. But seriously:

    You never get a second attempt at making a first impression.

  8. Depends how much you wanna p off the RAF Officers....... flying helmet, goggles and white silk scarf trailing in the wind as you drive the old mg through the gates with labrador in passenger seat so do the trick...

    Will just say this (as thats kinda my home area) if your driving watch that road it is what they class in other areas as a RED ROUTE - ie high accident/fatality rate oh and look out for speed cameras.......
  9. Turn up in a suit. Everyone does.... one chance first impression etc.
    Lots of maths and video games, that's the only practice you can do. Go down there and be positive.
    Al ;)
  10. hang on bit late now. bloody late posts.
  11. The whole banter thing is actually quite relaxing, may just take some flying gloves ready for the part where i have to use a joystick!!! :D
  12. Only got to use the joystick for one test.... maybe the scarf would've been better after all!!

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