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I've recently applied for the role of a RN pilot and have just sat my Initial Recruitment test which I managed to pass thankfully. I'm currently just trying to research as much as I can about my upcoming FAT's and what areas you can actually revise for. I'm aware that S/D/T calculations are a major part of the test but I'm struggling to find other areas which I can actually work on. I do realise that the large majority of the test cannot be revised for and is simply a test of mental aptitude, but as I said any advice on how to tackle it would be much appreciated and many thanks in advance!





Some bloke posted this up not too long ago which seems helpful and should give you a low down on what to expect. When I sat the tests, doing a lot of mental arithmetic seemed to help along with bearing/angles.

People tend to regularly post on forums such as the Student Room asking for advice on RAF CBAT and that should give you some pointers too. There are also topics on this forum which helped me out when I was preparing for the tests.

Best of luck mate.

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Thanks for that! Will have a look around on those other forums. Appreciate the help!


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