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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DW01, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    This is just a quick message to warn anyone taking the flying aptitude test and who is contemplating turning to FATpass's online workbook which you purchase for around £7.

    I must mention that I haven't taken the test yet so cannot comment on how useful the fatpass workbook is for the aptitude test. What I can tell you is that if you are going to take the plunge and download the file, some of the answers it gives to questions aren't correct.

    Having emailed them requesting their workings out for some of the questions I have received nothing in response. So I would not recommend paying for it.

    Finally I have generally sat back and read on this forum rather than posted and noticed alot of people comment to criticise and ridicule others poor use of English. Therefore I won't be posting much more. If anyone would like any more information on FATPASS feel free to message although bare in mind that I haven't taken the test yet, I'm booked for the end of November.

    I'm happy to try and help anyone who genuinely wants/needs help.
  2. Don't confuse ridicule and criticism with banter.
  3. If you can't/wont take criticism on your use of English how are you going to get along when the QFI's start ripping your flying performance apart?
  4. I was going to agree with you ref Fatpass, seeing as though you threw a minor wobbler at the end though, it's bear in mind................

    Couldn't resist.
  5. There's some useful stuff on Rum Ration about FATs, DW, so have a look around.

    You will also get some very good advice here, so don't stick to your resolution about not posting.

    What are you hoping to do post AIB, by the way?

  6. I must admit that made me laugh! Well done sir.

    As for the other comments as I mentioned before I'm not here to destroy your poor responses to my post, I'm here to help others if they need help. If you want to waste your time picking on others keep up the work, you look really 'cool'. Any other comments I won't be responding to unless you want to PM me for help or if you have any info other than FATpass to help pass the flying aptitude test, it would be much appreciated.
  7. Soleil, that's amazing thank you very much!!

    I'm hoping to become a pilot, specifically rotary winged. Ultimately I'd like to fly for 814 squadron covering suez canal for piracy and drug smuggling.

    I actually have the fatpass document as a file to send out to people but I'm sure I could e taken to court for that. I am tempted to correct all of the incorrect answers and see if I could then send it out for free. They have quite irritated me. I've wasted so much time trying to get to their bizarre answers to certain questions.
  8. Little bit about 814 NAS for you to help you in your preparation:

    814 Naval Air Squadron | Royal Navy
  9. Thanks soleil. Quite sad but that's my home page on my desktop to make sure I'm always thinking about it.
  10. Well you can't help folk if they want to be a 'pinger' pilot!!!!!!:laughing2:
  11. Welcome to RR.

    Have a look at the media and check out where the piracy is taking place - you will find that Somalia and the Suez Canal are actually a big distance apart. This is one of those questions that's likely to appear during SIFT and AIB, so best you're prepared.

    I have heard other folk say the "UKCAT" test that potential Medics have to pass prior to getting into Med School at University is useful preparation for both FATS and AIB psychometric tests.....

    All the best with your aspiration and do also consider Observer (not just talking baggage).
  12. A - you will never fly over the Suez Canal.
    B - you can't guarantee you'll be a Merlin Pilot, let alone be drafted to 814.
    C - what makes you think that we'll be working in and around Somalia in 5 years time to help you fulfil you're life's aspiration?
    I would suggest if that' the only reason you're taking to AIB you might be in for a shock; what are your thoughts on being a bagger observer in the Med?
  13. Hey, we all had dreams. I thought I was going to be punching holes in the side of Iranian gunboats with Skua, not CASEXing my years away and viptaxing mailies.
  14. For goodness sake; he's already sunk low enough to actually want to be a Pinger. Don't ruin the man's already low self esteem by encouraging looking instead of driving.

    PS: It would be fun to see the questions and answers that are allegedly incorrect so we can all dig in and make sure they're 100% correct (as opposed to any less correct, which I don't really see can happen).
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2011
  15. +1 Pontius.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Funnily enough I'm aware of a SHar pilot in the mid-90's on Illustrious who was a failed Killick Stoker originally.

    Following the logic that everyone must be good at something, it shows that even if you are rubbish at one job, you can later succeed in another. :-D
  17. Methinks it's the actually 'Wanting' to be a Pinger that is the issue.

    And what did you do today. 'Oh I sat in the dip for 4+ hours and achieved a hard on when we went through translational lift.' Hardly career inspiring stuff.

    Says he an ex Pinger crewie!!!!!!!:-D At least I did a wee bit of other stuff before becoming totally boring.:sleepy2:
  18. Actually we should thank the OP for giving us a few pages of banter for us Woo's to mooch over.
  19. I know exactly of whom you write, Ninja. He can now be found sipping coffee on board your Virgin flight to Orlando (or wherever else they go) and trying to resist bringing his A340 into the hover whilst landing. We did discuss how he wasn't good enough to be a Stoker, so had to go helicoptering instead. Luckily for him he won the Culdrose Wardroom raffle and was given a ticket to learn to fly Harriers, so he managed to extract himself from his 4 hours + in the 'dip' and the excitement that I can only imagine 'pinging' would bring :)

    Waspie I reckon you're right; this is turning (slowly) into a good urine-extracting thread. First we've got someone who wants to be a Pinger and then a O who is recommending he takes a look into that role. I'm interested to see what other jobs the OP can aspire to; maybe sub-zero water temperature barnacle scraper.......in Speedos.....at night.......with only a mask and snorkel :)
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