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Fathers 'must fight gang culture'


War Hero

you are right about absent fathers BUT somebody has to start to turn this around, it doesn't matter who. Tax-breaks, incentives etc for families that stay together are a good start. Single parent families have been encouraged financially and accepted morally in the UK whereas they should have been discouraged IE strong tax breaks for married couples with kids and fewer changes to the divorce laws.
Dare I mention Caribbean "culture" and the "baby father"? I'm not sure these blokes nor their p**k-struck women are interested in tax breaks. To get refunds or allowances, you have to pay tax in the first place.

We get very animated about the Muslims not fitting in but forget about these buggers.
Forgive me,

But wasn't there a 'family structure' in place before this current administration took over and ended tax relief, and blatantly allowed the PC/Liberalist brigades to push the Human/Children's/squatters/women's right to have a child and grab a feebie house/ and every other blighter's rights onto all of us?

This, surely, was the beginning of the so called 'gang culture' taking over from parental culture ?

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