Discussion in 'Submariners' started by enterprise, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. HIGH GUYS..
    straight to the point..
    i have been badgering my father for a long time now to join the RUM RATION and after having to go to his house i eventualy got him to fire his p/c up..
    now i am from the other side "ARRSE"and after showing him the board i got him on the RUM RATION..


    that may even remember MR H SOUTHWOOD..

    harry southwood
    boats from 54 tapir 1956 andrew 56 58 telemachus 58 60 in aussie sea scout 60 62 truncheon 62 65 firt 3 boats as gl3 truncheon as fore endie.
    he has posted as new to board but i am determind to show him just how easy it is to use a p/c..

    CHEERS LADS.. :thumright:
  2. welcome to the site enterprise and harry, i'm sure our moderator may possibly know something, as he was the daddy of all submariners.
  3. Welcome to the both of you's ,
  4. Welcome Harry
    loads of elderly ex submariners on here and a few still serving aswell .

    Enjoy anyway -its a virtual messdeck .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Welcome Harry, you may be the first to admit being a knuckle dragger, join in and spin a few dits. You'll find that Nutty was on the Truncheon at some stage.
  6. Well Done AITCH, served in the sixties and seventies Acheron Andrew 1970 to 75 and Otus. Only Southwood I knew, unfortunately, was Mick Southwood who was the Coxswain on the Otus in about 1968/69.
    Chin up there are lots of Old gits left and on this site.
  7. he is having probs with internet at moment folks but will be back soon..
  8. Welcome Harry. Piece of P**s this computing thing. 70 this year and loving it!
    Oh I see you were on "real" boats like me Harry - not these modern floating hotels they call boats today!!!
  9. Welcome Harry and Enterprise, I served on boats at that time, unfortunately not the same ones. Do not worry about not getting things right, we don't really mind at all. Try Readers Digest How to do just about anything on a computer or Computing for Seniors in easy stages. I to am sev????.These people on modern boats probably have to buy deoderants, we had one built in called diesel. Which I believe is now a popular aftershave.
  10. Seeing how old the rest of you fuggers seems to be,I feel safe now to join in.I'm only 60 odd and never served in the Andrew,but had a spell in the merch.I only ever sailed with one ex-submarine chappie and he was stone ******* mad [not nice mad,bad mad] but looking at the names of the old sub.boats reminds me of a best mate who swore that he served in 2 world wars in HMS Glasgow. Harry,tell your old man to get in here,he will get tha hang of the PC,just tell him to think of the plonkers that you speak to when you ring the BT helpline,then he will see how easy it is.
  11. lo mate,
    Same as you regarding Mick Southwood. Was Coxn on Ocelot about 69/70. Good bloke, from Yorkshire i think. Nearly died onboard when he contracted pneumonia. turned blue. had him airlifted off.
  12. Greetings Swabs from a cold and wet Gareloch. Moondog is not anserwing his phone so I am left to drink with my Spy on the Clyde.

    So to tell son of Harry that I joined the Truncheon at the end of the refit where he left. Come on Harry jump in the pond its full of mud and dirty.

    Actually saw some submarines tied up at Faslane not many.

    Back to my own PC Next week.

  13. Nutty have you contacted any Sub Association guys yet . The west scotland branch is very active across there .

    :nemo: :nemo:

  14. Greenie

    I tried both here and on the Barrow Web site to get some one to invite me and the Spy over to Faslane for a wet but had no response. Moondog who lives over the water from the Spy responded but has now gone to ground.

    It must be me a Englander in the Land of of the Jocks.

  15. Welcome Harry and Enterprise. Enjoy your time onboard this cyberboat.

    Cheddar.... tell me, how come you have a full head of hair and a thick BROWN beard at 70? If I start wearing furs will I too look as handsome and sprightly as you? :razz:

    Balding, greying junior of 44 ;)
  16. Ooo Arrr me hearty thingy! It's living in this bl***y cave that does it, and knocking bits of flint together to get me supper! If you think I've got a lot of hair you should see the misses! Reminds me of the time I "made out" coming back from Gareloch one night. Woke up next morning in a ditch and I'm sure the seep were smiling! Arrrrrrrr. Twer tough ion them days!
  17. Faslane at the moment is bad news for doing visits ----the K13 weekend is at the end of the month -- not sure when the W.Scotland branch meetings
    are but they hold them in the base !!
    Try the Barrow site and check the West Scotland branch contact details.
    you might get lucky!! Security is another thing -you will need to be escorted and have checkable ID etc etc.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  18. The good old days at Faslane--heheh --when the main road ran through the base -- Maidstone and Narvik .

    Used to have a run ashore banger Rover 75 with running boards --fcuking good motor -when you got sparks off the running boards you knew you was too close to the lochside on that twisty windy road from the burgh. There was little concrete posts to stop you coming off the road.

    Happy Days

    :nemo: :nemo:
  19. Good God Greenie I am not going to stay near the place any longer I am orft back south today, visits to couple of friends then heading to Calais and all points South next Monday or Tuesday. My Sunshine quota has collapsed and deep chill is setting in I need to get back to Spain.


    PS also I would need to tke out a mortgage to remain in UK any longer at your local prices.
  20. You must've shivered yer timbers today then :rendeer: :rendeer:

    What a fcuking start to a year -------rain rain and today--snow

    Scotland the brave---------

    Bone voyage

    :nemo: :nemo:

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