Father of dead soldier refuses to shake Bliar's hand

sgtpepperband said:
Father of soldier killed in Iraq refuses to shake Bliar's hand:


Personally, I'd like to shake the fecker by the neck... :evil:
Best readers comment IMHO [my bold]:-

Somebody tell me what he was supposed to say.
It’s indecorous, ill-mannered, poor-taste, just not cricket to mention why they died.
They were soldiers following orders – died in the line of duty – they did nothing wrong – so to even imply that their deaths were meaningless or for anything other than a noble cause is ‘just not on is it – parents, spouses and children of the dead don’t want to hear things like that – they want to hear that their loved one died for a good and just reason’
So Jonathan [and ergo one must presume Damian] suggests that the only decent thing to do was keep one’s mouth shut about the awkwardness of it being an illegal, unjust war actuated by the deception of parliament by a prime minister guilty of treason by conspiring with an alien power to actuate said war by falsifying documents and declaring we were under imminent 45 minute threat of attack by weapons of mass destruction . Even hinting at the suggestion that the Iraq war was ‘dodgy’ is not the done thing at these functions – especially in the presence of such luminaries as her majesty, the heads of political parties and military chiefs.
How dare Christian morals interfere with our consciences, comfort and sense of propriety and solicitude.
It’s callous insensitivity and thoroughly impolite to say anything other than:
“They died : Let’s remember them and pray for them and those they left behindâ€
Dr William’s couldn’t even say ‘let’s pray for everyone who died in the conflict’ without the Sun declaring Rowan should go and live with the camel-humpers or be hanged for treason or stripped of his ministry for betraying our brave heroes…

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