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Father in prison, will this affect my application?

Hi guys,

I'm 17 and in the middle of my application process (Passed psychometric test awaiting medical) but I can't help but worry about the selection interview, particularly the 'What does dad do?' question. Basically my dad is currently serving 9 years in prison for GBH, he's never been to prison before and has worked all his life, anyway I digress, will this affect my application if I mention it in my interview? Do I have to mention it? Or am I worrying over nothing since it isn't my conviction?

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.
Your dad is not applying for the navy. It's you they are interested in. Best to mention it though as your integrity will be called into question if found out later.
Part of the recruitment process is the government Security Clearance.

They will ask for full details of both parents, their current address, their partners full details (if applicable).
For sure your father's current situation will be looked at.

Good luck, I hope it doesn't affect your application, but without doubt do not try to hide anything.

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