Fat troops unfit for Afghanistan

F*ck all compared to some of the sights I've seen in the SRs mess in Collingrad recently.

Some of them would have been lucky to even fit into a middle rack onboard a grey dealer never mind be able to climb into one.

As an aside, it's quite embarassing watching some of the bloaters trying to pass their leadership mile and a half on a Monday morning.

Fighting force indeed.
I just read that...we seem to have gone the other way from the problems during the Boer war, when the government suddenly went "fcuk, everyone's too skinny to fight, we better do something". Now we're too fat to fight?
Although if WE'RE too fat to fight...maybe invade the U.S.? Surely they're worse?


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"PUD"? Not an acronym I'm familiar with (although the MoD seems to create new ones on a daily basis). However, the media links on the subject do not seem to differentiate between those who cannot deploy because they are not fit enough and those who have genuine medical conditions that prevents them from doing so. Oh well, why let the facts get in the way of a good 'news story' [sic]... :roll:
Living in a garrison town some of squaddies have trouble moving their bulk around, huffing and puffing at walking pace, the exeption being the Gurkha signal regiment.
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