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I passed my medical today, and as I was getting my file processed, I asked the clerk woman about possible rescheduling my FAT tests. I got the letter last week about having the tests, and they are in 3 weeks. I dont think ill be ready for them, so I was thinking of giving them a ring and seeing if I can rearrange for another day, so I can study more and get ready for them. The thing is I dont want it to look bad on my file / application.

If I did ring up and reschedule, would it look bad? If so, Ill have to stick with it and study over christmas non stop. If it doesnt, I can be more ready, which would put my mind at peace.

Hope someone can shed some light...



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Well iv been looking around the forums and theres a long list of what people have done to get ready for them like Speed/Distance/Time calculations, puzzles, maths problems etc. I just dont think Ill have enough time to cram it in, so im kinda 50/50 about ringing. Just dont want it to look bad on my application form etc.


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If you aren't ready to sit FATs then simply contact your ACLO - link below & explain that you want to defer.

It neither looks good or bad, but if it's the difference between passing & failing then common-sense should prevail & you should put it back.

Good luck.
they are in 3 weeks
Defer if you want to - with the change to three entries a year at BRNC, and the news that the April 09 entry will be full up long before you finish AIB, then you won't be getting in before Sep 09, so pushing it back a few weeks makes no odds.

On the other hand, you are 21, so you a) ought to learn fast and b) ought not to have to scrape too deep to pick up the skills again. Three weeks should do it, TBH

What grade did you get in Maths GCSE, and did you do any Maths beyond GCSE?
If you're in any doubt about being ready for your FAT please call youe ACLO and talk it through with them. Better to put it off and go there fully ready than go there and fail.


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supermario said:
Sentenashi said:
What do you mean ready for them?
I sometimes wonder if you know what is going to be expected of you!!!!


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From a POC!!

Nah - he'll do just fine. Exactly what I remember of officers, daft questions.

The lad will be OK. :jocolor:
FATs are not really something you should be 'getting ready' for. They are APTITUDE tests. You will find that APTITUDE is natural ABILITY. The most you can do is a few maths questions here and there. If it's not there now in any shape or form, it's not going to be there in a few months either. If you want my advice, go for it now. If you balls it up, you can try again.
I failed my first lot, studied mental arithmetic for a year, tables etc and passed my second attempt.

If you'll do better for being relaxed at the time, then get your preperation in. The AIB couldn't care less when you change your time to. Its your future, not theirs!
I too have recently received the date for sitting my FATs and it is just under 3 weeks!!! I say go for it, I'm only brushing up on a bit of maths and 'trusting' others who say that it is a natural ability thing and not something that you can learn from books. Always the chance to do it again? However, this would slightly contradict the indication that it is a natural ability thing, if you haven't got 'it', you won't have 'it' next time round?!?!?! Good luck anyway
It used to be only one try, two if you were under-19 (or something like that, standing by for correction). The argument was that if you were under that age then your aptitudes were still developing. Now it's two tries for everyone.


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Thanks for the replies. I thought they were tests that you could study for like exams and stuff, didnt realise that they tested natural ability. Iv got that brain training thing and i can brush up on my maths to get upto speed, is that all really I can do?

Also, if I should fail (touch wood) how long is it till i can retake them?

Yes. The Brain Training thing is honestly the best thing you can do for it. That and playing video games.

I'll leave Ninja or SM to reply to the length of time question, I'm a little out of the loop.
Things like regular reading so you can take in information quickly etc are useful, but only to a point. Times tables are key. Doing lots of maths practice you begin to discover shortcuts etc.


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Cheers, Ill start doing some more reading. That, plus that brain training thing, Ill get into some maths too. Time tables are already pretty solid but I could brush up on them more. Anything else?


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My understanding is that a second attempt is only permitted in exceptional circumstances, however, it would seem that the definition of "exceptional" is defined by a FATs fail candidate stating they wish to have a second attempt. Many individuals seem to view it as a right despite the guidelines.

On a realistic timeline, & again there will doubtless be tales to the contrary, a second FATs should not necessarily be anticipated before 12 months has elapsed. Statistically a second pop does not greatly increase the pass rate, but again there's always the exception. If you attempt RAF flying aptitude- it counts as one of your goes & vice-versa.

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