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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by xxspikexx, May 1, 2007.

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  1. so some nhs areas are refusing to treat fat people or smokers? well i hope the government are prepared to give rebates on national insurance contributions, and maybe a compensation payout for the smokers who have lined the coffers of the tax departmentfor many years.........what next? car accident victims cos it was their fault ? as far as i am aware being fat or smoking is not a crime? drug users(an illegal activity) seem to get treatment at the drop of a hat!
  2. Hospitals have to have some method of reducing the numbers on the waiting lists and to control their spending.

    Next to be refused will be
    1 Those who drink alcoholl
    2 Nicotine patch wearers
    3 pound shop users
    4 Macdonalds workers
    5 Those who use RR
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    They could try cutting back on all the friggin immigrants and health tourists....Oh, silly me they have 'uman rights unlike the poor sods who actually pay tax in this country...Or even..shock, horror..some of the NHS managers, what is it now, one manager per bed?

  4. Isn't that called the "self inflicted" syndrome???? 8O
  5. Yes but those patients in group 5 only need psychiatric treatment, for the most part few pills then out the door care in the community stylie. :cry:
  6. I'll have you know that I have a piece of paper stating that I am now sane!! The nice people from the establisment gave it to me. Bet you haven't got one of those? :lol:
  7. Entirely agree with you spike, but did you wake up at half past 4 this morning and decide to have a go at nhs or was it keeping you awake 8O
    geoff(ers) :?
  8. Im off to see my human rights lawyer, as a fatty who has worked for the last 20 years and paid into the system i feel a fat compo cheque :D
  9. Get Rosie to look into it for you

    geoff(ers) :?
  10. any money i get i will split with my ship mates :wink:
  11. I agree that drug users get way too much priority on treatment. But if you smoke and then become ill with a smoking related disease it is sort of your own fault! You would have thought people might have heard something by now, that maybe smoking IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. As for being fat often the stress of the blood loss during the operation can be too much for an obese person's heart, so often it's not safe to operate until they lose some weight.
  12. We are all responsible for our health state.
    I am overweight and possibly due to that have Type 2 diabetes and raised blood pressure. Some people have skin cancer through over exposure to the sun, others have smoking related diseases. Still more suffer from stress related conditions.
    However in spite of this the government of this country has a contractual obligation to provide us all with a working health service.
    If we are short of cash then let them priotitise the system. UK citizens first, then if there is money left over, the rest.
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    If everyone in the UK gave up the ciggys think how much tax would be lost to gordies coffers...enough to pay for most of the NHS I would have thought
  14. How can you say "sort of your own fault"??? Is it sort of your own fault that you put four spoons of sugar in yer coffee and then get a related illness with sugar levels??? Or you stuff a dozen doughnuts down yer throat and wonder why you get fat?? NHS should cater for ALL, not just the chosen few!! And I do understand that certain ops cannot be carried out due to "health" problems, but come on, it's all to do with Government figures and Tables that discrimination is being made. I'm no Medic or politician..but FFS!!!!!!!!
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    So if the NHS can pick and choose who to operate on can we choose where our tax's go....I for one dont want my tax money going on immigrants or poofs or politicians or the association of Black policemen....do I get a choice...do I fcuk.
  16. It's the National Health Service mate not the Heterosexual Health Service!
  17. I think the issue with overweight people getting operated on is because of the increased risk of not coming out of the anaesthetic due to the increased workload on the heart. There is also the problem of say operating on obese people who have hip problems. Not only would having a new hip probably not benefit them in the longrun, but there is again an associated risk of clots or other post operation problems.

    As for druggies. Not my favourite people either but in my local A&E there is needle exchange programme where the addicts bring back their sharps in a sharps box, and in return they get a pack of fresh needles and another box to put them into. This as i'm sure you will all agree is much better than a little kiddie or adult getting a needle stcik injury from a disgarded needle.

    Smokers, not one myself but i think that everyone is entitled to have a fag when they want. But when i have to wheel a patient through a big cloud of smoke because the patients at my local hospital are outside chuffing away, then i feel that disignated areas should be used and enforced.

  18. Blobby
    The government pay very little of our taxation to poofs.
    Really you should be extremely grateful to the homosexuals in society.

    They are not drain in fact the reverse is true. They are net in putters to society.

    They do not drop sprogs at 15 and expect the rest of us to support them

    Their partners do not run off to government supported hostels for battered women

    They do not normally have kids so no education drain on the taxpayer.

    Normally both partners work so two lots of tax is being paid.

    Not many start punch ups, and as a group are extremely law abiding.

    And finally as a personnel gift from all of them to all of straits..... They don't chase women giving us more of a chance.

    As a by the way........ has anyone else noticed that homosexual men normally get on extremely well with heterosexual women?
  19. Patients are being treated with our money, ist it unreasonable to ask them to do their best not to negate he effects of the treaatment they get, after all why should we have to keep paying because they wont make the effort. It is not as if the NHS does not offer help with besity and smoking after all. To suggest that some one with a smoking or obesity related condition as part of the treatment does something about the cause seems to make complete sense

  20. So does this mean I'm paying for the druggies to get new needles etc???
    As half the low life are probably not working, I don't suppose they're paying for my presciptions then?? :evil:

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