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I know there are posts about the FAT's but I couldn't find the particular bit I was looking for. Is it true that you will be given no paper and pen for the DST type questions? Are all tests computer based then?

For anyone that has done their FAT's or is about to, have you tried this programme? If yes was it worth it? http://www.cockpitweb.com/index.html

Thank you.
For the majority it is all mental arithmatic and you do not get paper, so learn to do them in your head.

There is one maths test where you do get paper to make rough notes. I cant remember if it is the numerical reasoning bit or something else.

They are all done on a computer, and no you can't access the calculator... ;)


Hey there,

As far as I remember the paper and pencil bit was for numerical reasoning but as Meatballs says there is a lot of mental arithmatic so learn to do them in your head too. I think there may have been sections where S/D/T calculations has to be done without paper and pencil.

I did get that programme, some bits are handy but not all it is relevant to the FATs, if you have the spare cash get it but it will only help in certain sections of the FATs.

Good luck!
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