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Fat lad at Tesco now on my dick[b][/b]head list


War Hero
Was just told I couldn't use my vouchers as I didn't have my Clubcard on me to verify the names. Didn't have it on me and I've never had a problem with this before so I protested....

"Oh, you've always had to do it, it's company policy" was his excuse.
"I'm pretty certain you haven't" comes my reply.
"Well if you haven't got the card then you can't use your vouchers" the fat cunt retorts smugly.
"Fine by me......" says I, as I proceed to turn my bags upside down and empty the £30 worth of contents onto the bagging area.
"What you doing that for?" he asks bemused.
"Well if I can't use my vouchers I'm not buying it and I'm not going to take everything back to the shelves....." I say, politely explaining my actions.
"No need to be like that" the grumpy little chomper grunts.
"Oh, i've always been like this, it's company policy" and I pick up my bags for life and fuck off out of Tesco.

Really wish I'd pointed out how I was buying lots of vegetables, fruit and salad stuffs, could have made a point of letting him know that not all food is fried.

Now, maybe I overreacted but this has never posed as a problem for me before. Either way, fat little twat pissed me off and I'll be fucked if I'm gonna let some spotty little teenage shit who's getting his kicks from being a titend handle my cash.

Does the employee wearing a red t-shirt instead of the blue one act as some sort of uniform for the mong?


War Hero
Reverend thou surely have sinned. Remember it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a fat twat to forgo his maccyD and exist on a diet of healthy vegetables. You surely should have got the fat twat to turn the other cheek and then rammed the vouchers up his fat lardy arse :p


Lantern Swinger
Perhaps the same prat who was working at King's Cross Station a year or two ago.

It's 0940. I have a ticket for the 0950 to Nottingham. The barriers to the platform are closed and there's an angry mob forming.

"You can't come through. We close the barriers 15 minutes before the train leaves."
"Since when?"
"It's policy. You can't come through. We close the barriers 15 minutes before the train leaves."
"I could understand a minute or two. Health and safety and all that. Not 15."
"What do you expect us to do? Just let people get on the train?"
"Yes. It seems to work well everywhere else. Open the gate or I will. Now."

Thankfully, he lost his bottle first, opened the gate and ran into a train standing on the opposite platform faster than his shape would have suggested possible. Victory!


War Hero
Cunts, they're everywhere.

I've looked on their website and the vouchers booklet and can't find anything that suggests I am liable to show my Clubcard when redeeming my vouchers. Going to write and complain. Have to do it under the auld dears name though as they're in her name :p


War Hero
thereverend said:
Cunts, they're everywhere.
Have to do it under the auld dears name though as they're in her name :p
Therein lies the root of the problem.although you were wearing Mrs. Thereverend's high heels and lipstick he saw through the disguise.You might have nicked the vouchers and without the supporting Clubcard there was no way he could let you have the money off.
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