FAT-High range score?

Hi, just a quick question for anyone here who is in the know. I sat my FATs yesterday and achieved a "high range score" for pilot and obs. I was just wondering what sort of score this relates to as I had to fight to be allowed to have another go after taking them with the RAF for an engineering position (?) and passing borderline.

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For RAF Officer trades the Aptitude Tests are only fully pertinent for Pilot, WSO, Fighter Controller, Air Traffic Controller and the Non-Conmmissioned Aircrew WSOp. Whilst all RAF Officers take Aptitude Tests, it is possible you were borderline on the section of tests regarded as relevant for Engineers, but may have passed high enough for Aircrew.

The same tests are used for RN Pilot, Obs & ATCO hence the reason that there would be a reluctance to allow a 2nd & final FATs as you had already taken them. A high range score indicates you have passed for RN Aircrew in the trades stated, so the level of pass is not really relevant and would be rather meaningless.
Apoligies, I may not have explained myself properly. I sat the FATs for the first time in 2005 and because I was only at the OASC for the engineering placement I didnt really care about how I did in the FATs. Turns out I passed borderline for pilot and above average for observer. When, for various reasons, I didnt get the placement I reignited my application for aircrew in the RN. I was advised by my AFCO that it would not be worth applying for pilot with a borderline aptitude score(with the naval factor applied). However, as I had passed the test the navy would not allow me to try again to improve my score. After pleading my case I was allowed to although my previous scores would be dismissed. I know I have done better but I was just wondering just how high a high range score is as that is all it says on the letter?
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