Fat bottomed girls

I recently had the misfortune of having to visit Pompey and talking of lard-arses, I was navigating Queen Street in my 5 Series ( You didn't know there was a 5 Series Trabant, not a lot of people do know) and on passing Victory Barracks some female sailors where exiting the main gate, ye gods I thought there was an eclipse of the sun, in my day they were pretty slim young things who used to wear black stockings.
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The Mirror said:
....The campaign comes after a recent MoD-funded survey which showed as many as 23,000 members of the armed forces – around one in seven – were drinking “hazardous and harmful” levels of alcohol....
I'm a little concerned about the numbers they quote here. It's nowhere near one in seven amongst the people I know.


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It has clearly come true, what I was told by the then Captain of Invincible many years ago when the wimmin were to go to sea - "We used to get the typists, now we'll get the welders".
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