FAT 12 July

Just wondered if anyone was going for their FAT on the 12th july 2010, and any advice people who have done theirs can offer?

Also after doing a bit of reading around on Rum Ration I've noticed that most people do their FAT after their AIB, is this the norm? I was told that I do the AIB after my FAT..
Yeah, FATs are definately done before the AIB.

In terms of advice, as everyone will say, it is worth practising SDT questions.
Some basic comprehension exercises and basic maths questions would also be useful practice.

In the end however, it really is down to natural ability.

Good Luck!
Thanks, I figured there would be a lot of SDT questions from what other people have said on here. Just wondered if anyone had done it recently and could say if its changed at all. Thanks for that link jefs, looks really useful.
I recently did FATs (unsuccessfully) and can honestly say there is very little you can do to prepare for them.
I would recommend you practice your mental maths religiously and practice memorising long sequences. Those are the areas that got me!

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