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Hello all ,
My first posting .... have been reading the newbies forum for some time as my son is mid application ! Mother of a just gone 17 year old (last month).
He went for his medical today and all ok :) except the doc wants him to gain 5-6 lbs or 2.5kgs. The doctor said all he has to do is go back and weigh in again and he will pass him fit for service.
He is hoping to join as a submariner as a weapons engineer.
Any advice on how to put on the weight in as short a time as possible would be much appreciated .
The offer to weigh back in stands for 3 months but my son wants to achieve this far far quicker.
I would descibe him as fit as a fiddle but of a 'slight' build and needs the extra small amount of weight for the doctor to pass him as fit to serve.
Any tips much appreciated.
I started using protein shakes which helped (I have subsequently lost the weight again as I haven't used them for a few months). Also, hit the weights as muscle weighs more than fat. Good luck to him as I was only just passed fit on that basis and it's a horrible thing to have to go through when you know full well that you're fit otherwise.
officer , which protein shakes did you use ? i think it is worth a go! but not as a long term thing ...... i know at the end of the day he is very slim, very strong just needs a few extra lbs on him .. its an odd thing trying to put weight on now what with an ever increasing in size population ! he has only just gone 17 and in the last 6 months shot up like a beanstalk !
StixJimboRM said:
He needs to get hold of a roll of the toilet paper that they put in WRNS accommodation, never fails!!! (he'll have a mahoosive backside in no time)
Does it work if you wipe between the breasts? :D


Lantern Swinger
tell him to start eatin alot of high protein foods i.e past, tuna, chicken can easly put five pounds on through food alone no need for protein shakes especialy if he is only 17
trust me its not he should try either 90plus protein or weider weight gainer or for the expensive stuff use maximuscle cyclone, but make sure he keeps his cv up
People always think it's so easy to put on weight but it's really not. The one I used was weight gainer from It's not cheap but if it means he gets in then it's worth it. You should buy a shaker to go with it to make mixing easier. Yeah keep up cv, but concentrate more on the weights and that helped me. You don't want the extra bulk to turn to fat at the end of the day, but if he's like me, he won't keep it on anyway. My brother still uses this one btw and was the one who recommended it to me in the first place.


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protein shakes as well as food he will probly put more weight on then he wants,
best try food for a week see how much his weight as gone up then if its not enough
use the protein shakes as last resort imo
Thanks for the response all :)
looking for a quick weight gain and will look at all you have said .... me and my husband are looking . He is just 17 and will 'fill out'
At 17 years old, dont bother with the protein shakes, i have been in to lifting weights for many years now and still make good gains without the shakes, its expensive and there are only certain brands that are any good, maxi muscle being shite and very expensive for what it is. Stick to every day foods such as tuna, red meats etc, also it might be worth cutting back the c.v, if he does it on a regular basis you can get by and still improve doing it 2-3 times a week, but do more weights as this in turn still gets the heart rate going if he works hard enough. The idea of this is to pack on the weight just enough for your medical then you can get back to normal training. If you google weight gaining diets you will find plenty of examples.

Most people that take protein shakes usually dont know what type of protein they are taking. For example after a weights seesion you want your protein to be fast acting hiting the muscles stright away, so there is no point in taking it just before bed, and when you go to bed you want your protein to be slow acting as this is where your body starts the recovery process. Also if you do go down this route try and get a all in one which contains creatine as this would aid in performance and recovery.

Good luck.
moggy_mad said:
DAFFY going to stay off the shakes ... keep him running and swimming and pack the calories in ....... thanks :)
The idea is for him to gain weight just for the medical, and at 17 it can be pretty diffucult as he will be burning food extemely quick, so cutting back on the c.v wont do much harm to his c.v but will help in gaining weight.

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