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I recently got the ball rolling on joining as an officer, and everything seems to be moving at a pretty rapid pace. I went to the intial presentation a fortnight ago, did the recruitment test on Friday (1st August) and before I had even completed that I was given an interview date, which is this Thursday (7th August).

This is all great, but it does mean that I have had a lot less time to read up on the Navy and its ships, boats, weapons etc than I thought I would have, and if the process continues at this rate I will have a lot less time to get my fitness up prior to joining. I can live with that, but it does seem strange that after all the talk of people waiting around for months and months in between stages I have hardly got time to finish one thing before I'm doing the next!
Well Pete,

Sounds like you are the lucky one. It may be that you are looking to join a branch that we are short on at the moment. Or it may just be that recruiting is a little slow at this time of year and you've just managed to hit it right. The one thing that may slow you up could be getting down to do your AIB.

Just keep working on your fitness prior to be called forward for the AIB.

For the interview make sure you have read up on the branch you are joining, check out the type of ships you could work on, Read the Navy news and the internet to keep yourself up to date on the current military stories (it's also worth reading one of the broadsheets), Try to relax and remember to sell yourself at the interview (you know everything about yourself - we don't yet).

Best of luck


Can you recommend anywhere to find out about the ships I'm likely to work on? I want to go in as a Warfare officer, and my understanding is that I could potentially work on any type of ship within the RN, from the P2000 to Aircraft Carriers...
Best of Luck, not to take the wind out of your sails, but the initial part or presentation and initial interview usually does move comparatively quickly. It is the latter parts of waiting for an AIB and waiting for an entry date after that which drags!

However Navy knowledge is quite easy to get from the Navy news, and the Royal Navy website. It is also worth asking your ACLO for a booklet; Ships, Aircraft, and Units of the Royal Navy, (or words to that effect) gives you all the basic data on ships, albeit slightly out of date in terms of the numbers of ships that we have!

As someone who has just completed their first phase at Dartmouth, I can tell you that even during my short time in the Navy, I have enjoyed every minute of it. There are times when you will be pushed to your very limit on Dartmoor, and in the College, but if you successfully complete the test, you will find a sense of achievement rarely seen before.


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dont worry your self overly with the "filter interview" - they are more interested in you, and what you are and want to get from the navy, rather than HUGE navy knowledge.

but you will need the naval knowledge for when you get to AIB

best of luck for it all tho.

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