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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Shakey, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Was at this briefing t'other day by some Divisional System bods or something like that telling us all about what was facing the Navy in the coming few years.

    One thing that came up was that they have identified some JR's at Raleigh now who have been earmarked to be 'fast-tracked' to PO in three years. These JR's are unaware thay they have been pinged.

    The rationale behind this is that there's going to be a massive shortage of SR's in a few years time.

    But a no-badge PO? Is anyone going to take them seriously? Do you think a 20/21 year old PO will be able to deal with the man management issues with so little life experience?
  2. I met one in my local pub about 3 months back. He's a PO and he's 21. Weapons tech I think. He's down in the Falklands at the moment.
    Seemed a very nice bloke, but I had a hard time believing that he was a PO from looking at him.
  3. I am pretty sure there have always been a few very young POs. Age is not really the problem rather whether or not they had the appropriate skills and ability.

    If there really is going to be a black hole in a few years it is good to see they have planned how to deal with it.

  4. I can fully understand the up and coming black hole, for I am one of those SR's who has just left the mob, taking early release from my 2OE.

    The main problem was caused some time back because LH's were leaving in their droves and I attribute a lot of that to the Warfare Branch Development! In fact, around 3 years ago there was the AB to LOM pull-through due to a major shortage of LOM's within the fleet. I was the Chief Instructor of the Radio Equipment section within Mercury building and some of the dross being pushed through was appalling and I really mean appalling. I could not blame the students as they were being pushed through by their ships/drafty and were clearly not ready for either LOM PQC or having their rate.

    These 'LOM's' will be the future PO's and in fact, during my time at FOST I witnessed many of them struggle big time to cope with the demands placed upon them, which to a normal LH would be a breeze. This is not me being 'old navy' or the like, I am just stating facts as I witnessed them.

    So to summarise; yes it is a good that they have identified there is going to be a black hole, but you still need the correct calibre to fit that hole and that has nothing to do with age, its just pure ability. Without sounding a Tiff basher, how many of us B13s used to sit in the Mess and be amazed at how the young PO Tiffs had no idea how to man manage to lead. In fact when I was aboard a 42 recently I could not believe my eyes when I saw a CPOWEA who was only a recently promoted killick in 2002. Says it all really.

    Rant over and I for one am glad I have left the RN.
  5. It seems the modern RN has still not learned the lesson.

    This sudden loss of experienced LH / PO etc also happened in the mid 70s.
    We had no badge SRs then, and some of them just could not handle it - power mad megalomaniacs is the expression that comes to mind.

    I was fortunate and made no badge LH (we called them Mickey Mouse killicks), due to a branch merger, and just missed out on being UA (underage not drawing a tot and called a Xmas tree killick) because my B13 was issued the month before I was 20.
    I was a little OTT until one of the SRs pulled me aside and read the riot act to me - I never misused my rate again after that.

    Promotion should really only be awarded on experience, aptitude, and capability and not because someone can absorb data easily and be able to quote that same data later word for word.
  6. We had basically the same thing back early 70's. I was on Chichester and we got one of those "SSAB'S" (specially selected able seaman) clever clogs using the brain for technical data, but he was thick as shit, no common dog.So what good is a rating without experience. Mind you by reading these threads the RN is a different kettle of fish nowadays.
  7. Like others i beleive the implementation of the warfare branch is the root cause for the up and coming shortages. When introduced there was no way for killicks and above to transfer and all those killicks and po's had their career prospects cut short so is any wonder so many left in droves. Dont get me wrong I am not anti warfare just the way it was implemented with no veiw to the future of the branch and the dedicated personel it displaced , add to that the cutbacks I genuinely feel sorry for those of you still struggling on through these difficult times and if there are those amough you cant or wont do the job dont blame them blame the flag staff for not upholding the training and discipline standards of only a few years ago
  8. I vaguely remember SSMEs, Super Stokers I think they were nicknamed.
  9. weren't they the only ab stokers thet didnt get rat a*£ed every night ?
  10. I would also say its not the age that matters! Just look at some of the new entry officers coming through! Some are young and in experienced but are also expected to carry out the role of a leader, etc!

    I personally think its more of a individual basis.
  11. Having been lucky enough to reach WO1 at the early age of 39, I am constantley reminded by my 'old dear' how my old man did it by 22!

    Well there was a war on, but we did win so maybe it aint such a disaster waiting to happen?
  12. You may not like it, but it's going to happen. Most of the Warfare branches will collapse about the rate of LH in the next 5 years unless something is done. Combined with the fact that the T45 and CVF Ops Room has less ABs than PO means we need to pull through a horrifically high rate of ABs to PO.

    It has been noted that there will be a lack of experience, and that under current training regimes their CLM skills probably are not as good as they could be. Therefore, in future CLM will be at the fore-front of every course a matelot does, and they will be formally assessed on it yearly.

    As for young fresh faced tiff's, maybe, but they're better than the old and bold B13s who sit in the mess and do nothing but gob off. As some-one said, it's all about personalities....
  13. Im typing in and looking at an admiralty manual of seamanship 1964 book.
    Do the new grubs get the same manual?
    Does it include the new warfare branch?.
    Ive got the 4 manuals of seananship,once a grub.
    x 2badge ab
  14. With the new Ops Room staffing in the end they will propbably scratch their heads and after removing the splinters downgrade some of the positions.
    It may be appropriate for first of class to go for all chiefs and no indians in reality this never works, and also devalues the L/H and POs.

  15. Why do we need SRs if we've got no ships (TFIC)?

    You'll want planning next.

    I know, let's move all the warry stuff and people to Collingrad. But first, build new quarters at Dryad then close it, move the people to Collingrad so that they can - get in a bus and go to Dryad to use the expensive kit we put in to train them. Never mind, I've got my OBE and will be outside before they realise!
  16. perhaps they could take a leaf out of the SSC's books and have the rate of PPO, because you automatically become a PO when you go into uniform, you had a lot of gobby little 18 year old shites who suddenly went power crazy and had no idea how to act in a PO's manner. So they created the PPO rank, 2 years with which to prove yourself a worthy PO or it's suggested you might make a better civilian instructor.
  17. Instead of Probationary PO, why not two years as a killick?
  18. There's nothing new in "accelerated advancement" in the Andrew. I joined in 1962 as a junior stoker and became an SSME, a no badge killick at 18, a POME at 20 and a Mech 1 with buttons at 25.
    I never felt out of my depth, was a popular killick of the mess and a competant and respected technical SR. There was always some sour grapes amongst the lower wattages in the messes but jealousy rears its' head in every walk of life.
    It's all down to the individual. As a postscript to the story above, I left the service after my 9 because there was nowhere else to go except the wardrobe. But I carried on accelerating - I was a General Manager at 30, a Senior Engineer at 32, a Director at 45 and retired at 53.
    Nobody ever calls me Mickey Mouse!
  19. Yeah cheers Mickey :lol:

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