Fast Show quotes

You cant sit there mate.

Hold the apples and nudge the orange!

Suit you Sir,did she want it?

Just to bring the trend up to date so to speak.( Not a quote)


Lantern Swinger
Like a little fawn sir, in a leafy glen, frolicking in the midday sun?

Did she look over her shoulder and go ooohh sir? Did she? Suit you sir!
:thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
"Me?! The 13th Duke of Wybourne.Alone, in a French maid's finishing school.With my reputation? Has no one thought of the consequences?

Nice! Grreeeaat!

'like making love to a beautiful woman'
"I used to support Man Utd but they're not doing so well these days, oh yes Im a true blue gooner. Football!!"

"Can we borrow a cup of sugar?"

"Have you tried violence sir? OOOHH!"

"where's me washboard"

"Come to the isle of man (please....we don't like it) COME"

"Chris Waddle, mefefefefefefefefef heteteteteteth Boutros boutros Ghalli. Meterologicos con Poula..........POULA!!"
"Meterologicos, scorchio, interisoso, scorchio, exterioso, scorchio. Manana, kalto", "Kalto??", "Nyy, jokio. Scorchio"

"Gizmo action pumpo. Fabricato con Blud"
“The the endless blackness of space which leads to the chasm of the klams!â€

"they're here, they're here... they've landed on the pier..."

“What’s for tea mother...?? shadows and lies... on toast??â€

“I think it’s time we went home now Johnny...â€
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