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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Spetsnaz, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I'm curretly studying for a BTEC national diploma in engineering.
    i'm 6ft 4 and as far as i know have perfect eyesight.

    would i be able to hack it as a fast jet pilot.

  2. With such a comprehensive insight into your skills and personality I would think it's a foregone conclusion.
  3. 6 foot 4 may be a bit on the large size for safely getting into (and more importantly, out of) a fast jet cockpit. But what do I know? Get yourself down to a RN&RM careers office or advisor. Have a chat with them. There used to be a pilot on 800 NAS (Sea Harriers) who was initially an MEM (Marine Engineering Mechanic, not an officer), he applied to have a go and got one of the highest aptitude scores ever, (and obviously went on to have a successful career) so the story goes.
    Good luck.
  4. I know a similar tale. Chap on my squadron joined the RN as a Seaman, (radar), transfered to aircrewman branch. His boss thought he had something to offer. Arranged for him to sit his GCSE's etc.

    He pissed flying grading and went direct to Harriers. Passed out as the top student.

    If you want it. Go for it.

    Those that talk about it generally end up miserable farts who say I could have been a !!!!!!

    Those that do something about it - tell steely tales of daring do having achieved their objectives.

    Soviet special forces - get yourself to a careers centre and get the gen from the people in the know. Flying fast jets isn't just height and eyes.

    Good luck on whatever you choose.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    How long is the thigh-bone used to be the key qn - so as not to lose one's kneecaps when banging out.
  6. That was the Sea Venom where the C version was for the taller observer, up to around 6 ft I think.
  7. I've got short legs so I should be fine on that point! I thought harriers did have quite a short height limit though as the cockpit is so small? Then again the last one I sat in was a GR3...
  8. onWhat about JSF?

    would i struggle to fit in that when it finally arrives?
  9. Honestly I wouldn't know. How old are you now? I know the age limit for FAA is 26 and the JSF is currently due to come in 2012-2014, so might be cutting it a little fine to wait for it to come in.
  10. onI'm leaving college in May.
  11. Hi

    Do they decide if what your going to fly before or during training?
  12. Spetz the training is unbelieavably hard, so is the selection process. Modern aircraft are complex beasts, flying at sea is the greatest challenge a pilot can face, it is really unforgiving, it is really dangerous.
    After some pretty difficult tests (mental and written, physical, interviews etc etc you would probably get a grade of some sort and I imagine that grade reflects what you can be trained to fly. In the RN chances are they always have needed more Helicopter pilots that fast jet pilots. Do you hear me knocking?...
    All that said mate good luck and have a go. Contact an RN Careers Officer they will point you to the tests!!!
  13. Anyway Spetz why dont you stick in and be an engineer??!! - they are never ever out of work and they dont get shot down!! :thumright:
  14. Too short to reach the rudder pedals ????
  15. Not quite that short thankfully! Just makes it a pain getting trousers that fit...
  16. Try shorts.
  17. is it possible to join another branch (i.e Warfare) and try to transfer to flying at a later point?
  18. May sound stupid, but was talking to a "Tall" pilot once about the same subject, his answer was it depends on how tall the top part of your legs are. He had longer lower legs apparently.

    Does that help?
  19. If by some mircle you do make it on to training how what percentage pass?
  20. Spetsnaz, go for it, make sure you have a couple of other options though. Engineering is a good career move if you dont make pilot. Ask at your local AFCO for the figures, but dont be put off. Apply and take your FATs, you've got nothing to lose!

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