Discussion in 'Submariners' started by FunkyJunky, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. seeing as we will all be part of one big happy family up there in a few years..yeah, great.. :x

    can people who are based there (or have been in the recent past) please list some good points
  2. 1. Close to my home.
    2. Not too close to my home.
    3. A long way away from most of the skimmers.
  3. I was based there for my last ten years in the mob,1998-2008, and I loved it. Lived on the patch,Churchill, Drumfork club two minute walk from my front door. Lots of mountains for walking,Glasgow on your door step,top night out, people really friendly,Helensburgh is like any other small town,ie not much happening,downside, the rain!
  4. friendly and glasgow....you what..?
  5. Whisky central. If I was based there again you wouldn't see me because I'd be visiting all the distilleries using up my sports make n mends and AT.
  6. Errrr.............what I said. Never had a problem with anyone whilst living in Scotland. maybe if I was to go on about being English,1966,blah,blah,blah then maybes,but I never talked about football,rugby etc, never interested me, and never had a problem, maybe sports is the problem?
  7. Have to agree with you about Glasgow being friendly. was there a few years back for a month with work. Plently of decent folks around there.
  8. Lived in Clydebank when I was on Bombers and a nicer bunch of people I have yet to find. It was in the 1970s in thw middle of loads of aggro when Jimmy Read was John Browns union person and they were going thru the shutting down of ship[ yards. I used to 'moonlight' as a taxi driver in and around Glasgow and as a sasenach I was treated alright.
    The Jocks fer me are OK except for the Dumbarton Debs and that shower of weird women that used to hang out in the Imps, Clachan etc.
  9. It's not Plymouth
  10. It's a mighty long way from Pointyhead Land and that's the way we like it.
  11. Wot the flying f**k is pointyhead land?
  12. 'Tis Kernow moi luvver
  13. well, looking forward to the "hot messing" when we are all up there...going to be very cozy
  14. You got it wrong it's "me ansum"
  15. Mountains, haggis and whisky.

  16. ..and rain, midges, drizzle, pints of heavy, precipitation, highland games, more rain, pipe-bands, and yet more rain, beautiful scenery but oft shrouded in mist.

    Oh - Did I mention the rain?
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  18. Why pointyhead land?
    It was oggieland when I was a mere pleb!
  19. Inbreeding, pointy heads, web fingers (all 6 of them) etc etc
  20. Polycell

    I think that it links back to Cornish piskies/pixies and their pointed hats.

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