Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Chicogiz, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Are all new subs going to based at faslane that looks like there new base for future subs?
  2. A quick search on google shows that the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, among many other organisations, have reported that the Astute Class will be based in Faslane.
    It's a nice enough part of the world....
  3. Only until Scotland goes independent....

    Can New Labour or the Tories guarantee that this will not happen? Then surely we should be looking at keeping both Portsmouth and Plymouth in case... oh no, cause that will go against the latest short term financial crises.
  4. Thanks for replying mates
  5. In the future will some ships be based in faslane?
  6. Plymouth Naval Base have suggested basing the future carriers in Faslane!! as part of their "survival strategy"- they probably cannot get into Plymouth (tidal factors etc.) and of course they want Pompey to shut rather than them. Probably academic as the way the money is going they'll never get built!!
  7. thanks for the reply mate.
  8. We already have a bunch of small skimmers based in Faslane.
  9. Faslane, always used to put it down as an area to avoid being a guzz rate, but when on a smaller ship we used to go up there to do our sea training, it was great, the base was empty and the gym facilities were excellent. Even standing like a lemon on the upperdeck fereezing your pecs off at 4 in the morning, at least the scenery was nice, clean air and peacefull. :cool:

    Ugly local birds though :twisted:
  10. faslane isnt as bad as everyone makes out.

    labour wont close it as closing it would loose them to many votes probably to the snp and would take scotland even closer to independance.

    as far as im aware they have started work on the berths for astute. so eventually they will have all 7 subs up there

    4 bombers.
    3 astutes.
  11. The food's loads better at Fas too! And the lads and lasses who work in the JR's galley are very friendly and helpful unlike most of the other bases. Excellent, collingwood and blockhouse are beyond the pale, and the grub they churn out reflects that!
  12. The thing about Faslane is it's an easy base to run around. Half uphill, but gentle, and half down the way.

    I always made sure to book the squash court (I forget which day) so we could watch the Naval Wives working out before the court became vacant.

    However, if you feel the need to see Civvy St, be prepared to pay for taxis.

    One of the laughs I kept up for years, however, just to demonstrate how great the people are round about, is when I was drafted to RAF St Athen for my driving course.

    I was walking outside the base on a Sunday, carrying my suitcase, heading for the empty rank. I had to go from Helensburgh to Cardiff on a Sunday, and I was dreading it.

    However, the council bin wagon passed me, and one guy said, "Station, Jack?"

    Next thing I knew, my case was in the back with the rest of the rubbish, and I was in the cab with the guys!


    Don't knock Faslane.
  13. Drafted there twice , remember the Teak & Ash , played a few games of pool in there , haven't played it for years , to many rules now , waste of space now ,
  14. I've been trying to think of that name for months Dondon, cheers mate.

  15. Got to love the Faslane Peace Camp, they have their own post code I have you know.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Obviously that was a cunning ploy to give them council tax bills. Hmmn, now let me guess whether the peace-camp residents contributed to the local council....

  17. If they were drawing Benefits then the Council tax contribution is paid from the Social Security Funds!! :lol: :lol:
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Thank goodness for that, wouldn't want them to be short of cash - just glad my taxes aren't being squandered on any lazy good for nothings.
  19. Like Woodstock that place, except Woodstock was a festival and everyone left at the end of it back to their homes and their jobs.
    Love how they lie on the entrance road to Faslane trying to disrupt things. Complete waste of time.

    Any all hail the Trident. British manufacturing is not what it used to be, do we even make any British cars anymore? Oh well I am all for Trident as it will create more jobs.
  20. Last draft in the mob & thought it would be the pits ! always avoided Jockland like the plague - F.M.G. for two & a half years 77-79........ absolutely brilliant !!! Lived in MQ's at Colgrain, had a cracking job in the fitting shop refitting ASR's (cyl & liner assy's) snort heads & those "dinky" little air compressors, lots of good people up there, even learned to sail at last - bosuns up to the Gareloch head hotel for a piss up ! Sad to leave.

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