Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirlin, Aug 31, 2015.

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  1. It was very predictable that Ms. Sturgeon would be unimpressed. Does she really think that all the jobs at Fasrain would be protected if it would just be the home to half a dozen or so SSNs. Most of the time there will be only one boat alongside(if that) while the remainder will be off around the world on patrol or in Guzz for refit. The SNP predictably want their cake and eat it. Spend some money in Scotland, yes please but only on nice things.
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  2. The thing that confuses me, is non of that money was spent on Trident (or it's replacement) it self, it was spent on improvements to the base. Would she rather we just let it crumble into a state of disrepair?
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    Scrap Trident, spend the money on extra Boats and Ships and move the lot to Guz, then make sure the Scots public know that it was all done because of the SNP's wishes.
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  5. .

    I HOPE (!) that there is lots happening behind the scenes because quite soon real money WILL need to be spent on the Trident replacement and if "Westminster" haven't stitched up a watertight deal with Holyrood by then then the SNP will just have more of a bargaining tool with incompetent residents of Number 10.

    And what does the media do ? Instead of looking at the long-term it just looks at stirring up trouble (and Corbyn doesn't help).
  6. Money has already been spent on the V Boat (not Trident) replacement. This help a Jock plan doesn't look too good for Guzz's survival as a Base, though.
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  7. Guzz is the only place in the UK licensed to refit nuclear boats, so that side of life is safe (until it all changes again!!).
  8. The navy's future base planning (each base will specialise in a certain area):

    Fassers: Submarines (Sub-school to move up north).

    Guzz: amphibious ships, survey ships and frigates.

    Pompey: aircraft carriers, destroyers.

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  9. WreckerL, quite right but a Dockyard does not a Naval Base make.

    Guzz has been systematically run down over the last 25 years. The Base storeholdings are the minimum possible and anything even remotely outside the "ordinary" has to be issued from Pompey or Bicester. The point I was making is that the boat move is a probable further nail in the coffin and the RN is approaching a size that won't warrant 3 Bases.

    I hope that I'm wrong.
  10. Great news just what faslane needs and obviously sturgeon was unimpressed if it was spent on devonport she'd be moaning that not enough money is being spent on Scotland and totally agree with fish head she wants her cake and wants to eat it
  11. True enough but see NM's post before yours.
  12. Just out of interest; where has it been laid down that the frigates will be based in Devonport? I thought the T23 were staying where they are and their replacements were remaining in their respective home ports
  13. And if you were running short of folding money, would you--
    1. Dispose of modern buildings at Faslane as luxury flats
    2.Splendidly constructed handsome Georgian buildings at Devonport?

    If I was the Chancellor I know what I'd do.
  14. Urban Splash are currently eyeing them up in Devonport-- the few we have left.. They purchased The Grade 1 Royal William Victualling Yard in 1992.
    Plymouth had not seen such wealth since Nancy Astor left.
    The Chancellor is probably having talks with Urban Splash right now.
  15. My apologies, the frigates are going to be in both Pompey and Guzz, in my haste and tiredness to post I'll admit I did mean to include frigates in Pompey.

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