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Has anyone recently made the journey from Faslane to the Southwest, by air on a fairly regular basis?

Is it easier to fly to Bristol and train/bus the rest of the way or to Exeter and train/bus the rest of the way and how long does it take?



If you're paying, flying to Bristol (and parking there) is a lot cheaper than Exeter.


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I was going to go through a long hyperlinked post highlighting all the time tables and ending with a sarcastic comment about people in logistical planning jobs - but its Friday afternoon out here and I can't be arsed.

Suffice to say that I think that flights to Exeter will be less frequent and probably more expensive than the sleazyjet ones into Bristol. The coach to Temple Meads station is pretty frequent and takes about 30 mins.


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The bright lights of Helensburgh hold no appeal?

Bristol has always been the gateway airport into the SW, Cardiff may well be worth an outside punt though if the logistics can be married up.
Ah yes - you mean when the boats were in Faslavatory and the simulators were in Guzz and then SHOCK - later on, vice versa!! As I recall, the Dash 7 used to stop in St Austell on the way.
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