Faslane - The Devil's Armpit?

"In total, there were 79 alleged offences in 2013, 68 in 2014, 56 last year and eight so far this year"

Which means the mahoosive annual crime rate is going down :rolleyes:

Sensationalist journalism at it's best, and it hasn't stated how many were caught trying to break out either ;)
I wonder how the crime rates compare to a town with a similar population in Scotland that is not military, funny feeling they will be lower in fas
Think it's already been remarked upon above, re: comparison between locations of similar size and / or bases, plus difference between alleged and actual conviction compounded by the fact that as the nuclear weapon location it would be a natural magnet for just the type of twonk who would see security penetration as either a challenge or a larf.

Typical sensationalist nonsense from the ill-informed and politically suspect aimed at the ill-educated and hard-of-thinking who lap up this sort of tripe for the purposes of bias confirmation.
Civilians were certainly responsible for the crime of not effectively gritting Hardy Hill in the winter. The times I struggled to get the motor up and down safely!


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That article is a tissue of lies.

I never had enough signal to download any obscene material, the phone kept timing out.