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Faslane stupid question


Another one to add to my stupid questions asked by me on here, but could a warfare specialist be based at faslane whilst not being mine warfare or a submariner?


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Another one to add to my stupid questions asked by me on here, but could a warfare specialist be based at faslane whilst not being mine warfare or a submariner?
Once you have completed your training it is possible to be sent almost anywhere there is a Naval presence.


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Yep 100% certainly! However, Faslavatory, Faslamabad, etc is what YOU make of it.

Ok it can rain a bit. Actually, a lot and it is miles from anywhere apart from the 'Burg. However, if you have a sporting interest - it WILL be catered for. There are lots of opportunities, but it is up to you whether you sit in your cabin and sulk or go out and grab them.


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I had 12 years running out of Faslane and if you like AT, sports,sailing and drives out without the rat race of down south its a cracking place to be based.


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Even though im not mine warfare?
Let me introduce you to some new naval teminology i.e. "The Pierhead Jump" This involves a rating/officer being sent aboard a ship/boat a few hours before it is due to sail. It may involve using your skill set or you may be there to make up the numbers. A certain amount of flexibility is required once you've taken the Queen's shilling.


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Birdy, welcome to the wonderful world of the RN!

You can be drafted anywhere (the exingencies of the service) to any billet. There are plenty of places where the sole qualification is AB (Any) where 'Any' means 'Any branch'.

Hence you could be sent to (for example) Faslane and end up as Buffer's paty, Torpedo Loading Party grunt, or any other job where they need a body. It could be a cushy number, it could be a watch-keeping job it could be assisting in AT - who knows? (No shit - one of my last jobs in the RN was teaching scuba diving in Belize - a really tough job, but somebody had to do it!)

Thing is, suck it up and / or take steps to try and work the system to YOUR benefit. Maybe get qualified at the RN's expense in a niche sport.........

Belize still needs diving instructors!


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You are absolutely right, but as I said, if you get off your arse and out the cabin, you just might be surprisd by what is out there.

You obviously didn't /don't.

For example, highly expensive Mess food, from chefs who won't work a minute over their contract and feed you when you work watches on Joint Warrior LOL
MCMVs have AB Sea onboard; there are also some drafts for AB(WS) in Faslane, but don't plan on making a career (or more than 18 months) out of it.


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For example, highly expensive Mess food, from chefs who won't work a minute over their contract and feed you when you work watches on Joint Warrior LOL

Joint Warrior is essentially a massive subsidy to the Wardroom Bar menu and local takeaways. The drawers in the MOC are probably at this stage the UK strategic reserve of sausage rolls.
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