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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Ryan79, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Hello, :-D
    I am joining the Royal Navy in May as an ETME(SM) and i have a wife and two children. I am after some information on the married quarters for submariners based at Faslane. I did a search and read some horrible things about anti-english 'neds' bothering people in an estate in Helensburgh but i think these posts were a couple years old.
    But that is really all i know and can't seem to find much more info. My wife is from Edinburgh and is willing to move but neither of us know anything about the area we are talking about relocating to!

    So, is it just the one estate in Helensburgh? (and is there still a 'ned' problem?)
    Or are there options for married quarters?
    Can anyone recommend a nice area/town to rent in with a reasonable commute to Faslane?
    Approx cost of married quarters?

    Any replies would be much appreciated

    St. Austell, Cornwall
  2. Ryan

    It might be worth contacting the HIVE at Faslane:

    Faslane HIVE Information Office
    The Families Centre
    Churchill Square
    G84 9HL


    [email protected]

    0800 - 1530 Monday
    0800 - 1530 Tuesday
    0800 - 1530 Wednesday
    0800 - 1530 Thursday
    0800 - 1500 Friday
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  3. I left the mob in 2008 and many of my old shipmates still live on the same street in Lower Churchill, I visit them about three or four times a year,I still use the Drumfork club up there and nothing has changed,no one talks of any problems and I miss living on the patch,you have your own neighbourhood watch with the reggies and MOD plod driving round all the time,I throughly enjoyed my time there,9 years in total,2 on Colgrain and 7 on Lower Churchill,I prefered Lower Churchill due to proximity of the shop and the drumfork club!
  4. Thanks you for the replies chaps. I googled the Faslane Hive and found loads more info, also, i was searching for 'married quarters' but they actually call it 'service family accomodation'.
    I obviously wasn't looking hard enough as there is quite a lot of info on SFA and Helensburgh on the 'families' and 'patchpedia' parts of this website!
  5. Tell 'em you only want a draft in plymouth and you can get a home to duty from St Austell!
  6. I did look in to that mate but was told that all the T boats will either be de-commissioned or moved to Faslane over the next 5 years so i thought we might aswell head north sooner instead of being forced to in 2016. I will have to check on this though.

    I was just curious about peoples experiences of living in Helensburgh, especially those with families.
  7. Ryan,
    One thing worth finding more about is the schools situation. I have heard that there are some real concerns regarding the number of places that will be available if even some of the families of t-boats crews move north. There are similar concerns about other infrastructure, so it might be in your families interest to move up there early, before the real problems start (though if your children are still very young, this might not actually make much difference).
  8. Hi Ryan

    Im not sure if we have chatted on another Forum Mate but if we have you will Probably remember i was Born in Helensburgh and have just left The Submarine Service in October last year (FTRS) .. I have never lived in/on the Churchill Estate but i stayed with my Family who lived close to the estate when i was Based at Faslane.
    The Estate did have its Problems years ago (Neds) that is not the case anymore .. i served last year with some of the "S" Boats Crews who were down here in Plymouth last year who commuted back to their Families during their Leave periods ... they also said that the Estate is a Lot better than it used to be and a more friendlier place .. I am sure you and your Family will settle in after a while .. one thing to remember possibly is the Fact that others have Relocated and settled in, seek out their Advice and Listen to their Experience and you will not go far wrong.
    PS: Have a few wets on me in the "Imps";)
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  9. Thanks mate, no we haven't chatted before but that is a great help

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