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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by trehorn, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. What are they like? It may seem like a really bone question but i may be spending some time up there in the new year and would like to get as much out of my time there as possible. I know most establishments have clubs for social activities and just wondered wat fas's had to offer eg. Martial arts other sports music etc. Apologies for not looking on the net for this info. Doing this off my phone at the moment due to pc problems. Happy to recieve the usual sarky stuff in with (hopefully) useful tips. Thanks in advance.
  2. Re: Fasane facilities

    Is it anywhere near Faslane??
  3. Re: Fasane facilities

    Good for expeds. Climbing, hill walking etc.
  4. Re: Fasane facilities

    tis now :D ta
  5. Re: Fasane facilities

    Shouldn't that read; Royal Naval Reserve - Yesterday's technology tomorrow ??? :wink:
  6. Re: Fasane facilities

    Or possibly 'yesterdays technology - if you.re lucky'. :wink:
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Busting the myths, there is inside heads and running water.
  8. A cemetery with lights
  9. Really rather good now, the super mess is due to open soon! Dry skiing slope, mountain biking, swimming pool (with fire hose to spray slackers), and various clubs and societies including your martial arts you weirdo!! :D
  10. You will definitely need:

    Anti-Midge Cream and sprays
    Lightening Conductors
    Seaboots & Waterproof Socks
    Waterproof Maps
    Shark Repellents

    Etc Etc

    And that's only for INSIDE the accommodations......

    :duckie: :duckie: :duckie: :duckie: :duckie: :duckie:

    (From a Founder Member of the Glen Fiddich Demolition Company.)
  11. I wouldn't bank on spending more than a week there, but...A cash machine that gives you a max £20 a time...! (several insertions later you finally get enough beer chits for a round)
  12. Cabins are pretty sweet though. Double bed, wi fi, en suite and all that shite.

    Naafi opens whenever there is a Q in the time, and you're a good few miles from any shops.

    And the base bar is literally two portacabins pushed together!

    Enjoy! I certainly fcuking did!

    (If you get bored, you could always smash in a wren or two.)
  13. Faslane is ace....... oh wait, no, no it isn't, I lied, sorry.
  14. If you get bored though you could always go to the cinema, it's only £10-12 in a taxi and a short 45min train ride away (if you go to the Glasgow one that is but the Dumbarton one is pretty shit) so the facilities are pretty decent.

    If you took all the pubs in the 'burgh and smashed them all together as one single pub, it'd still be a bit of a crap night out as well as a confusing concept but you'd end up with one half decent pub.
  15. Make friends with the AT waller at the gym. When I was there he was a booty sgt with a load of canoes, climbing gear, sailing dinghies and a landy 110 at his disposal.

    For a crate he would take you out doing pretty much any type of AT you could think of including snowboarding at the indoor ski slope in Braehead.

    Alternatively you could infiltrate the Peace camp just outside the gate and sabotage their shitty old caravan for a laugh.

    Otherwise your best bet is to pull some slag in Helensburgh and spend your time smashing her hoop.

    Edited to add: get some fishing gear, plenty of mackerel and other goodies to be had in them thar lochs.
  16. When were you there for? The booty sgt (Ratty) that was there while I was based there was a sound bloke, even bought me a death wet for my 18th :wink:

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