Faslane Dog Handler spots mystery "Big Cat"

A friend of mine was seeing some gal about 1.5 mile away about 4 years ago. Walking home he walked past a reservoir (next field on being alot of sheep being derbyshire of course) and saw what at first seemed to be a big black labrador.
He then saw the tail which was quite long for a dog (seeing as his grandma is a dog handler) and noticed then the face of the "dog" was actually like a cat and he ran like F*ck, lost one of his new nike trainers at the time being £75 you would be pretty mad but later that week in the local paper it did say there was sightings just within a mile away at a very similar time.

And he did not believe in all this big cat business but obviously some geezer let an illegal pet out in the 70's and they have just breeded, this country is supposedly getting warmer so what would you expect?
I nearly thought it was a p!ssing dog at first, but then realised it is a little bit bigger plus the tail being higher than the body it is not a dog.

BUT I would absolutely laugh if a train just come by and smacked it one.......... OUCH!
The simple explanation to this is its Stirlings.

He sent it onto "The last Post" where Thing was supposedly looking after it.
Obviously during one of Things drunken binges, the cat has escaped.

Someone PM Thing to see if he is still alive. 8O :D

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