Faslane bound!

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by BARNEYRNSM, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. Taking a group of cadets to Faslane this week,if any RRs sees a dashing wavy navy two ringer ex-submariner(the dolphins are the clue) bimbling around,herding cadets,which is a bit like herding cats,its only me!
  2. Make them all eat a portion of chips and a deep fried haggis and have them
    all bring a crate of Irn Bru home with 'em otherwise they will not have had
    the complete "Faslane Experience". You could also ask any Helensburgh taxi
    driver which V-Boat is currently on patrol - and where - and for how long -
    and whether there's any Akulas coming down through the Iceland-Faeroes
    Gap, because they are a veritable font of knowledge, and usually more
    accurate than Intcen. Enjoy yourself.

    (Don't ask me how I know these things - I'm deep undercover at the moment).

    Yours Aye,

  3. Don't forget your foul weather gear.There is a chance it won't be raining but only a small one.
  4. Full foulies for one and all!!
  5. But what heinous crimes did they commit to deserve such a cruel & vile punishment?
  6. What heinous crime did YOU commit to deserve such cruel & vile punishment? :laughing2:
  7. Sorry chaps,only get wet when we completed the naval swimming test in the pool and the spray from the ski slope! Weather was great!!
  8. I caught you herding cadets round the Colonel I think! Rather you than me!
  9. It is a bit like herding cats!
  10. That phrase has made me smile all week, Barney!

    Is it that they wander off?
  11. It didn't seem that hard for you seen as a few seemed alright playing COD MW3 in that Terminal 1 shop.
  12. until retail manager complained that they were hogging it!
  13. Its just that sometimes they wont listen and you have to tell them a dozen times! PTI said to me,he could not work with kids,I agree!
  14. Are you taking the brats into the Berg to see the sights, Bar L aka Garffs,Spinnikers to fill in some booties and up to the akash for a curry?
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2011
  15. Tie there shoelaces up together so they don't walk off.
  16. Crikey matey - you've not been there for a while! I'm prety sure that the Bar L/Garths is now 'The Riverside' and the Spinnaker blew away years ago. I shall check for you and reprt back when I make my annual pilgrimage next week. Must have the haggis, chips and Irn Bru fix you see! The Akash is still doing fine - I was in there last year, and as I ordred, asked where Dennis was tonoght. The waiter replied, 'He died two years ago'.......... ooooops! Food still great though!
  17. We stopped at the carpark on the Burgh seafront for the two minute silence on our journey back,mariners is now part of the carpark,cant remember what is what before that,was it Greys?
  18. Was it not Clockworks before Mariners and the matelots and booties defacing the new signs?
  19. Clockworks,that was it!
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