Faslane, as bad as they say?

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Charzlo, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Just been to Faslane yet again on a mini visit to the wardroom, and I love the place, finding it difficult to understand why everyone I meet there hates it!

    For those who are based their currently, is there something I'm missing??

    Is it really as bad as they say?

  2. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    It's in Scotland
  3. :D Nothing wrong with Scotland except the weather!!!!!
  4. The weather is garbage there mostly. Of course as I type this I'm lookiing out the office window at a torrential downpour in sunny Devonport.

    The problem with Faslane is Helensburgh. It's a hole. And it's a hole that costs over a tenner to get to in a taxi. If all you're interested in is pissing up then Faslane ain't the place to be. If you go further afield then Faslane is not a bad place to be. Good climbing and walking nearby, Glasgow in reach, Edinburgh isn't too far away. Decent facilities on the base. Free bus service to and from the airport for weekenders.

    Also, if you're looking at a career in boats then it doesn't really matter what Faslane is like, you're going there anyway sooner or later.
  5. If you're not a Jock or a Geordie then it's a bit far from home; otherwise it's fine.

    No PAYD yet either! :D
  6. I certainly enjoyed my time there but that was a long time ago back when the civil serpents posted ther from England got LOA.

    Has C Blck in the wardroom slid down the hill yet? I was one of the first to move in when it was built and there already was a big crack where it was stuck onto B Block.
  7. I live in Guzz and have had 2 boats and a displaced RAMP in Faslane and never had much trouble getting home. Driving can be a pain but I always flew.

    The scran is tip-top in the Senior Rates mess. Won't be the same when the portion police move in. No more double duffs. :cry:
  8. It is lovely there, and as Pompeyexpat says the food is the best I have ever tasted in the RN. Except that when on Neptune Warrior a while back we went into the SR bar and some bloke actually gawped, prodded his mate and muttered sotto voce 'look, a girl'.

    The only failing I found was the stunning scenery was too far from the shopping in Glasgow.
  9. 1. Its full of Jocks
    2. They eat deep fried, in batter, mars bars
    3. The refuse go independent
    4. The nearest point of civilization is either Bergen, Norway or Milton Keynes

  10. Dearest Nutty, a couple of points.

    Ever been to bergen, nice place but their drinking laws are realy not what you would call civilised, and as for Milton Keynes, well.

    These days I meet more Brits when I go foreign for a holiday than when I go to London (which fortunately I don't have to do very often these days)
  11. Maxi

    Three visits to Bergen, but we are not discussing its potential as a good run ashore, Dundee, Edinburgh and Newcastle are all great runs. It is civilization I quoted and Jockland is low on the scale.

  12. Dearest Nutty,

    Whilst I will agree there are a few civilised places in England, Yorshire springs to mind, London and the South EAst are disater zones, people impolite, always rushing everywhere, businesses run by people who should have stayed barrow boys, and less English spoke then there is on the Costas, where all the decent plods seem to have retired to.

    I'll stick where I am for the time being, at least the public transport operates even if it does snow.
  13. Right, Im f*ckin' sick of all you whining moaning foreigners having a go at Scotland.

    So all of you that critisised anything to do with the home of the haggis and Irn Bru, outside now, coats off, square go.

    And Im reporting you to the council, my MP, the Race Relations Board, Liberty and the Glasgow branch of "Wha' the Fukc are you starin' at" for being foreign.

    So there.

    PS Faslane is sh*te, by the way.

    So there

    Edited once for Mongtype
  14. I grew up in Helensburgh, joined Pusser to get away, the bar stewards kept sending me back! But I think I am getting over it now!

    The weather - perpetually cr4p! We went 'home' from Spain last August, first thing we had to do was buy fleeces! It was 12 degrees!
    The rain. The only time it stops raining is when it is snowing!
    Summer is generally the 16th or 17th of July, but not both.
    Shopping in the 'burg is normal small town, but no mainstream stores, ie Dixon's etc, but have Boots.
    Shopping in Glasgow - brilliant!
    Sports - incredible - the Base will help you do anything. Diving is fantastic, skiing, sailing you name it.
    Scenery- if you can see it, amazing!

    In fact, it is so good that when global warming (if it exists) kicks in, I may go back!
  15. I was a pompey rate and not on boats .But i actualy loved my time at faslane :D
  16. Never really enjoyed Faslane, worked in the TUPO tampering, and generally buggering about with, Reso (P) pay docs and UR's.

    Played a bit of basektball for them when I was there, me, Smiler Morrison and 6 Septics from Glen Douglas, and Paddy Ireland coaching.

    Give me sunny Pompey any day...oh they did...twats!
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Moaning expat sassenach reporting for whinging:

    My two penn'orth on this issue is that as a child I loved growing up in the Faslane area and was gutted when my parents moved back to England. I went back to Faslane a few times with the RNR and found that, like any other major naval base, it has both good and bad elements. My main problem with Scotland, and this is not specific to Faslane, is the Braveheart bullsh1t that Broon et al have encouraged with the half-hearted approach to devolution.

    But what about Blue Moon Lemonade? A soft drink in a nice subtle vivid blue colour available around Rosyth in the early 70s?

    edited for mong grammar
  18. But what about Blue Moon Lemonade? A soft drink in a nice subtle vivid blue colour available around Rosyth in the early 70s?[/quote]

    You sure that wasn't WKD Blue, still available now!
  19. But what about the midgies, I hear you ask?
  20. Ah! forgot about the good bit of Faslane "The Peace Camp"


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