Faslane around 66

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by BAZZ, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Well do i remember my first draft from Mercury - The Maidstone alongside Faslane as SM3.
    This was just a naval base without the base - well we had a submariners bar which was rather lively then there was the chippy every night just outside the gate with his haggis and chips etc.
    We actually went to see once on a flagwaver to Liverpool.
    I went back several years later - what - a base with flash bar - discos etc - couldnae believe it jimmy.
    Also spent time in Chatham after that joining Defender. Went back to Chats 2 years ago for a HMS Hermione reunion - they have made a good job of the historic dockyard and could even have a look round Pembroke which my wife being a steno enjoyed immensely.
    Shame about Mercury though - wasted in the wilds of Hampshire. The most unsecure secure established in the mob no doubt as anyone could walk thru the middle of it as it was a public road. ah well nuff of this
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I understand that part of the old Mercury is now a tree hugger cemetary, Geoff may be in a position to update more
  3. As far as I can tell, the old Mercury, including SCU Leydene, is now completely derelict, though I thought that there was a plan for some kind of school at one time. I've had a look at the RN Communicators Association website and there are a few pics there, but the website itself - www.rnca.org.uk - looks a bit obsolete. I really must pay a visit some day and have a look - I spent long enough there during my 25 years. There again, nostalgia's not what it used to be.
  4. Thanks Guys, nice to get an update viz. Merks.
    I did join the RNCA for a while, but their annual reunion was always in the same place as the place i had gone to the year before with the Hermione Association (a thriving association, guys).
    I do remember having to do biffers first thing on a Monday in the old nissan huts with hands so cold you could not type and no stove working.
    God, sounds like something out of Dickens but this was 1965.
    Best year i had was in Malta 1972/73 and am still in contact with some of the gang from those times and we guys all came back with a jenny.
    happy days.
  5. I was running from Faslane on a boat at that time. We broke down,(Full Earth) got towed in but no support from Maidstone as she was on her annual jolly.
    We ended up sending a pussers wagon down to Liverpool to collect some of our kit as we hadn't taken a lot out with us due to us sailing before Maidstone departed and not due back in for a long time after she was due back (Guess what we were doing?????.) Anyway we ended up being parked alongside the floating dock on the other side of the lock and having accomodation in the "Church of Turkey" in Helensburgh. (on camp beds)

    I also remember having Captain SM's divisions up there on the jetty alongside Maidstone and it started to pi*ss down. (How unusual!!) Anyway, a lot of us ended up taking shelter in the new crane cabs that were parked on the jetty ready for being put together.

    The bar that you were on about was in what was the quarry car park.(Known as Miss Crystal's )
  6. Govan drive in Alexandria ring any bells?
  7. Nice one finknottle. Woke up there one morning, minus watch and wallet, but they still left me my ID card. Back in the Burgh the next Saturday, looking for more of the same!! OD or wot? :oops:
  8. Ah! The old spectacles, testicles wallet and watch :wink:
  9. Faslane 1966 --I was there on Maidstone--and I did the Liverpool trip -
    October/November 1966. Know it well cos the bums wouldn't let me stay in the base --I was due to get married the day after she docked in Liverpool . So it was a get back to Scotland the afternoon she berthed down there.
    The reason she went was so they could satisfy the customs we were a sea
    going vessel and we went out of the 12 mile limit!! Thus the duty free beer!!

    The canteen in the base burnt down.
    The senior rates used to have a do in the yacht club every Friday night

    Narvik the Landing Craft was there as accomodation ship next to Maidstone.

    The main road ran through the base== untill they built the road around it!!

    Happy days

    The place now is all barbed wire and high security . Mind you the messes and Accomodation are top notch.
  10. As I recall the favoured poison of the ladies who frequented the Imps and Clachan was Carlsberg Special at 3 shillings and six pence a bottle, I know because I bought a few for those lovely ladies. At closing time it was the train to Alexandria armed with your bottle of Eldorado, Lanliq or for the ‘soft lads’ amongst us the Emva Cream for a very civilised after hours drinking party and if fortune smiled on you, your leg over. :wink:
  11. Never forget the old Four 'Croon' (Crown) goes 'Doon',.....Strong!
    Ever come up against the 'Beachboys' when you weren't team handed? :eek:
  12. No but I recall a deeps off the Odin decking about 5 of them outside the Imps with a chair leg, nice 1 :)
  13. I remember another one - Toby Tyler in conjunction with Scouse Tyrell (on Orpheus) The Beachboys were causing nause outside the Drumfork club and one of them went at Toby with a wheel brace, he promptly took it off the lad concerned, fitted him with it and then told him to go back home to his mum!!. Needles to say the rest of the bunch didn't hang around as he set to on them.

    I am sure the two of them got free membership of the club.
  14. Ahoy deeps , was at faslane 1970...part 3 od on Churchill. Just found this site , its a cracker. Last boat was Warspite. Dave Silburn..

    Northern Dave! I took Warspite into Refit in Guz in 88 from where she never left, what with trouserleg problems!!!!!
  15. Web Page Namebongobilly , I left mob in 82 mate...wasnt on warspite long , joined from sm2 spare crew...

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