Discussion in 'Submariners' started by cash, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. if scotland was to vote for independance what would happend in terms of the vangaurd class boats? would they stay at farslane its just a question as i have heard (correct me if im wrong) that the astute class are meant to be making there way up there in 2017?

    when the going gets weird the weird turn pro
  2. Started early, or just kept going?
  3. The Astute are going to Farslane? Gardzooks! The morning just keeps getting better...
  4. Where's 'farslane'?
    Do you read any newspapers?
    Do you watch any news or current affairs programmes?
    Do you read any Scottish nationaliation thread on ANY fora (That's posh plural for forums)
    What colour is the sky on your planet?
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  5. And just for clarification, Astutes are already in Farsilanny as they were always going to be, T boats however.......
  6. my best guess is that the T boats will be retired early...the cost of this independence bid will be a lot more far reaching than we could imagine

  7. Sorry gnominge but I think you'll find T boats (those remaining) de-commissioning dates will move right. Too much tasking and not enough hulls as Astute and Ambush aren't fully operational yet.
  8. but that would assume that politicians (and faceless bureaucrats) use a bit of common sense...something that has been in short supply this last 20 odd years. I'm not so sure that some in higher civilian echelons won't see this as another opportunity to curb MOD ambitions. I really do suspect that the net result of a breakaway Scotland would leave a sizeable hole in future national spending, the like of which we have never seen before...and the poor relation in terms of "need" will be the MOD.
    I don't think we are being given the true picture , more because it may take some time to work out a forecast until "king Alex's" demands have been fully scrutinesed. But now that some of the new wonder boats actually exist (whether fully operational or not) the T boats might just be too tempting a target for cuts.

    I hope that this does not come to pass. The T boats are having a rough ride in recent years. Once fine thoroughbreds being put to plough.
  9. sonar bender ill take that on the chin it was was posted late and was a flipant question. however to answer your last question no matter what planet you were on ( if it had the ability to hold humanoid life ( posh was of saying human like beings) ), it would have to have an atmosphere much like our own so using this reasoning and a small amount of deduction skill the sky would more than likely allways be blue. this would be due to the physics involved in the refraction of light. ;-)

    when the going gets weird the weird turn pro
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  10. Have a like!

    I too remember the TV advert where the irritating kid knew that!
  11. haha it would have been better if instead of remebering that from school i ever learned how to use grammar... glad you took that the way it was intended

    when the going gets weird the weird turn pro
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  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer


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  13. Does one assume Farslane is the posh end were the officers hang!!!!!
  14. "posh end were the officers hang!!!!! " If only ;)

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  15. Not "Fars" enough for me from my time up there. I was sooooooooooo glad to eventually get away!
  16. Faslane is just depressing. There is absolutely NOTHING to entice people there from south of manchester.

    no where near enough accomodation for what they plan. Not even close.

    god knows what they plan to do when the 3 t-boats move up there with the A-boats as they come out of build.
    you could not make it up. well, actually...............
  17. They have recently started building new accommodation. But I'm almost certain there will not be enough for what they have planned. Killicks should not be sharing rooms in 2013.
    I know the old and bold are going to say in our day etc etc. But its not your day anymore and times have changed. Its pretty much expected now everyone should have there own room. I don't even thing in the grand scheme of things it is that big of an investment for the MOD to make. I know a lot of hillocks and JRs who have submitted notice to double occupancy being brought in. Considering how much it costs to train people it can't even make financial sense to do this in the long run.
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  18. Faslane was ok for me ... spent 26 yrs there!

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  19. Kept the other half employed too!

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  20. For what it's worth, I agree whole heartedly with you Danny. This accommodation fiasco has been going on for years as the MOD continue to con the public (seemingly) into making them believe that all this fantastic stuff has been built to cater for the 'modern service person'. I think it's a disgrace that this accom is built to a particular spec and then as soon as the builders naff off, the powers that be are forced into changing the system because of insufficient provision. The same happened with the new Phase two accom in Raleigh - rooms built to house six trainees but their are now 8 per room. And you only have to look at the state of the blocks in Sultan and you just feel ashamed - then out come all the excuses like 'well, the money was spent on a white elephant in Wales' so we've got to make do. It's just not good enough. The promise that was made on the new accomm has failed/been welched upon with the help of the bean counters and once again jolly jack has been shafted. Sadly, there is no easy solution - MOD will continue to fail to ask those that know for their opinions relying on their own ability to mismanage everything that comes their way. Grr...

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