Farnborough Exhibition on its contribution to Naval Aviation


Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown CBE DSC AFC RN (Ret'd) opens the exhibition.

"A new exhibition on Farnborough's Unique Technical Contribution to 100 Years of Naval Aviation was opened on 21st May by the World famous test pilot Captain Eric “Winkle†Brown CBE DSC AFC RN (Ret’d), holder of the world record for the flying the greatest number of different aircraft types (487). The exhibition highlights the research, development and testing carried out at RAE Farnborough and later RAE Bedford of both naval aircraft and naval launch and recovery systems. Many of the photographs featured in the displays have not been seen in public before. The exhibition runs until 23rd August during normal Museum Opening Hours."

Re: Farnborough Exhibition on its contribution to Naval Avia

Dont you just love The Buccaneer on the Waist Cat :) :) :) 809 Squadron HMS Ark Royal and the Wessex Planeguard SAR with an old and bold Aircrewman diver, dangling out of the door :lol: :lol: Happy days
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