Farnborough Airshow

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by 2_deck_dash, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Anyone going or been to this?

    I'm popping down on Sunday to see what the crack is and to hopefully sabotage some planes. Any tips on what's good and what's not? Also what are the scranning facilities like? Shall I take a picnic or can I get a BSE burger from a pikey van there? Are there VIP facilities with free booze I can blag my way into? Do they do Forces discount? I'm assuming there is no dress code but to be safe I'll be in some nice jeans, a shirt and Rayban Aviator shades to blend in.

    All answers can be directed to the usual address and are very much appreciated.
  2. If you have or have access to a Breitling watch, you are allowed into their hospitality tent where there is free booze and food.
    failing that just tell the airline people you are starting up your own airline business and need some assets (planes) and free stuff should come quickly!
  3. Top tip!

    I think the old man has a Breitling I can borrow for the day.
  4. I've been and it's brilliant.

    You can get decent stuff to eat there - there is a restaurant - and cafes and a champagne bar! Take a picnic if you prefer, just bear in mind that there is a lot of walking to be done and you will have to carry your picnic gear around.

    There are VIP/free booze points but they can be very strict about only letting you have anything if they think you are about to spend squillions on whatever it is they have to sell. You'll pass muster, I'm sure.

    Re dress code, that sounds fine; you will see a lot of people there in very sharp tailoring/uniform in the commercial areas, but, for wandering around, your gear is fine. Take off the shades indoors though!

    Take a camera - there will be lots of stuff you want to photograph.

    Here's a map of the whole site:


    Companies in Hall 1:


    Ditto Hall 2:


    Ditto Hall 3:


    Ditto Hall 4:


    and the outer areas:


    Check out the flying times before you go on Sunday so that you don't miss anything:

  5. Nice one Sol!

    Cheers for the tips.
  6. 2dd

    I think that B's PR for Farnborough is done by ITSPR in Islington.

    Tel: 020 7226 2335

    You could always speak to their account handler there just to let them know that you are hoping to visit the B tent on Sunday and were wondering ....... etc etc etc

    You've got a lot of chutzpah. You'll probably get a badge and some goodies in the post by Friday.
  7. Sol you are an absolute legend, if I manage to blag my way in on Sunday I will steal you a suitable pressie from their stand.
  8. Even better is if you can blag a Martin Baker tie off someone and wear it to their hospitality tent. Users of their seats get treated like royalty and get to sit in their posh area, watching aeroplanes turn upside down, whilst quaffing shed loads of champers.

    Don't forget to carry a big box of Fly Navy stickers and affix them to all manner of aerial machines, especially the Crabfat ones......preferably on the Typhoon's HUD, just before he gets in to do his display :)
  9. Take this photo along with you :roll: :roll: http://usera.ImageCave.com/scouse/scan0025a(1).jpg and say i never got my feet wet, thanks to the SAR Boys

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