Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. Fcuk my tall hat is it me or what??? off down the pub and every geek is talking about crops, coins and other shite. WTF is this all about looking after "friends" crops?? who gets off on this shite?? the missus logs on her laptop as soon as she gets in from work and even the gentle probing of my erect (but slightly small) todger in her ear doesn't distract her.
    Is Stan missing something here
    Own up you mongs who goes on the site??
  2. Diverting the anger, are we? Face it, the Mrs prefers the dog.............
  3. You finished the course then Jenny
  4. Stan, you come up with some incredible threads.
  5. F*ck the gentle part. Ram it in up to the hilt. If she doesn't even notice that, why the [email protected] did she marry you anyway.
  6. As I told her the last time it might only be 6 inches but there's 22 stone pushing the little fecker in
  7. One of the lads at work uses my computer at lunch time to check on his crops while the rest of us go to the pub.

  8. Thats one of the sad feckers if it was pornville that would interest me slightly more,
  9. I used to have a farm on farmville. But after a week I got so pissed of with it that I burnt all the crops, built a fuk off big chemical factory on the land, and poisoned all the neighbouring farms with dioxins.

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