War Hero
A farmer goes out to his cow field one morning to inspect the cows. Upon reaching the field he discovers that every cow is frozen solid. Absolutely distraught at the thought of losing them all he sits down and starts to cry.
His farmhand soon joins him and asks what is the matter, "it's the cows, I came here this morning and they are all frozen solid, what am I going to do?" he wailed.
All of a sudden a little old lady appears, smiles at the farmer and walks over to a cow. She rubs the frozen cows nose and miraculously the cow starts to shudder, snorts, and comes back to life. She does this to all the frozen cows and in no time at all they are back to life and wandering aimlessly around the field again.
The little old lady smiles at the farmer and walks away.
"My god, the farmhand says, do you know who that was"
"No" replies the farmer.

"It was Thora Hurd"