Farewell shippers!

X.R.D said:
v8topcat said:
X.R.D said:
Rumrat said:
X.R.D said:
Jenny_Dabber said:
sgtpepperband said:
So any final lingering comments about this thread, then?!


Cracking set, I agree :lol:
Cheers Norma..............snorks!!!

I at least thought you would have got them out for the lads before your passing!!! :twisted: 8)

I concur mate, what a bugger, we actually have a humongous pair of wall hangers almost within reach and she flicks off with them.
I know its normally one for the road, but couldn't you lash us up to two.
We'd be ever so grateful and no one would know. Pretty please. :roll: :)
Bloody right. A P.M in Rumrat and mines direction with a phot of your norks would solve all the doubts about what your chest size could be!!!

8) 8)
Send it to me JD I am actually much more discreet than that pair of old barstewards.I will pass on the details on a need to know basis only.You can trust me. :wink:
OLD!!!! i'm only 37. Does my phot on my charity page make me look much older then?? :D

Off for a lie down in a darkened room now!! :wink: :D
I thought that was your son :D
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