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Farewell HMS Nottingham

Pompey News 20 Oct 2011 said:
THE former HMS Nottingham was towed out of Portsmouth Naval Base yesterday to be taken to a scrapyard in Turkey...

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War Hero
One more for the Turks to pick over, alas! we don't even have the facilities to break the poor things up.


£40 million of repairs well spent there. That could have kept the Ark at sea for 3 more years. Excellent stuff RN.


Book Reviewer
Could they not sink it properly this time. Create a reef for all the little fishes. Or a special combat underwater training center for the divers. All the guys & gals who served on it could lay a wreath once a year in memory of the good times.


Naturally. As a born and bred Nottingham-ian I can tell you the town is shit and I can't wait to move away

Before I joined up I ventured out of Cumbria once in search of adventure. I ended up living in Hyson Green. I soon went home.


I had to fight my way through shap and was then smuggled to Kendal where I bought passage to the new world.
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