Farage v Clegg and other silliness.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by finknottle, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. Just watched the debate and IMO Clegg put up a reasonable case for staying in Europe but Farage's arguments to leave easily won the day for me.

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  2. Nothing gets a country going and flares patriotism more than being against something.
    The uk loves to blame Europe for all of our problems and it gives us an outlet. The fact of the matter is that we would be FAR worse off being outside the EU.
    As an EEA member we would contribute 95% of what a similar country pays to the EU for membership and it would work out even more expensive because in leaving the EU we loose the best rebate that any country has!
    I do agree that the EU has too much power and the EU parliament is increasingly filling it's seats with federalist Eurocrats who want to see a U.S. Of E and pushing an agenda which is in contrast to state sovereignty.

    All in all, Farage knows how to make a song and dance about everything but Clegg is the only one with integrity in this debate.
    (Just my opinion)
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  3. It would seem the majority of viewers do not agree with you
    Farage Wins Europe Debate With Clegg: Poll
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    If the EU can get its act together and stop the excesses of those with their noses in the trough I would be more supportive/ How many years have the auditors refused to sign off the budget? Still they just carry on and nothing is done.
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  5. Yes a yougov poll. They who had Labour ahead prior to the last general election.

    Farage was rattled and exposed. Problem is, UKIPs words resonate with all the little England morons who simply don't accept reason. Sadly, there are plenty of them who will listen to this clown and his massively flawed arguments and policies.

    As long as Farage gets TV time his supporters will believe he's winning, because they'll drink in everything he shits out his mouth.
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  6. It would appear that it's the only poll out there.

    I'm not saying I agree with Farage.
  7. For me I would love it if Cameron could make good on his ideas to take powers back from Europe, hopefully he could get other countries onboard to create a big of leverage. The idea we should simply leave sounds good but in reality is another matter.
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  8. The Bloke in the pub, done good!!! Clegg and the Lib Dems, are Dead men walking. Clegg not once answered any question from the audience directly. But hey ho you wouldn't expect the no tuition fee man not too :lol: PS poll shows that Farage won the debate, resoundingly 57% to 36%. PPS

    The British public are fed up with politicians trying to worm their way out of every question posed to them. You get the usual 'it's more complicated' or 'you don't understand'. Anything to avoid giving a direct answer. Farage, agree with him or disagree with him, at least he answers the questions posed. Which is what makes him unique among party leaders.
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  9. Farage = Liar. But it seems people of a certain IQ will soak that up.
  10. Ah; where's Clown_Puncher when he's needed?
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  11. Well I for one am fed up to the back teeth with the influx with these people flooding into our country, claiming benefits to send back to their families / clogging up our health service when they have not paid a penny into the system. They are a massive drain on the countries finances. Then we have the gangs of thieves from the former eastern bloc countries. This open door policy has given us complete inability to protect ourselves from foreign criminals.

    Of course taking this stance means that I and anyone else who takes it is of much lower intelligence than you. I don't think so pal, wake up and smell the coffee.

    UKIP are telling it how it is and a growing number of people are listening.

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  12. I always like this one. I have yet to find out what powers people think have been taken away though, that need taken back. If anyone can elaborate that would be good, as I genuinely do not know what that phrase is actually about.

    Much as I am pro-Europe, I must say that this aspect does trouble me and it undermines the whole concept. However, on the flip side, it does make a United States of Europe much more unlikely since everyone displays their covert nationalism through filching cash for their own benefit rather than working for the good of the whole!! :snorting:
  13. Yes, yes yes. It's all those foreigners fault, with their fighting, shooting, raping and a-looting. We all wish it was the good old days again when the only time you'd find a fuzzy wuzzy was on the end of ones bayonet not the end of the bloody dole queue.

    This country hasn't been the same since we shook hands with the French you know. I can't move for Bulgarian job seekers and muslim child rape groups camping on my lawn.
  14. you can't barrage the Farage.
  15. You are Monty Clegg and I claim my 5 euros :)

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  16. You're lucky to have a lawn Monty. Before long it may be taken from you under a compulsory purchase order and have a house built on it in order to put a roof over scrounging Johnny Foreigner's head!
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  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

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  18. You are obviously not in the real world, you are either tucked up in your cosseted corner of Cornwall or road tripping across the globe ( well done I might add). I am at a loss to understand why someone who comes across as a fairly intelligent chap can't or chooses not to see exactly what is going on. Whether you like it or not Farage and his party are gaining popularity, it's called freedom of choice and calling everyone who supports his views people of low IQ does you a disservice.

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  19. I'm not in Cornwall.

    If you're falling for Farage's pantomime and his party of tub thumping, economically and politically slow witted, abhorrent homophobes and xenophobes then that's fine. Be prepared to be lumped in the pool with them though. The moron pool.

    My freedom of choice is to regard everyone who buys into this thinly veiled crap a tagnut.
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  20. So you are happy with the situation as it stands?

    You have no concerns over foreigners coming to the UK, receiving benefits that are funded by the likes of you and I when they have never and probably never will contribute?

    If you are interested check out the percentage of these people in London alone who have committed criminal offences?

    Don't forget that it is only you, unless you can drum up some more blinkered members who imagine UKIP supporters to all be moronic. I will not loose any sleep over your views and I doubt if any one else will.

    Just what is it that you think is thinly veiled?

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