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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by chockhead819, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Have you read the online Navy News yet? Have a look at page 18. There's a bit about Stan Burgess.

    I don't know if you were at Butlins then, but as I recall a certain S/Lt was found in his car on the football pitch after a Taranto night do. :wink:

    I found him one of the better pilots, mainly because he was from Carlisle & I knew his mates.
  2. Sorry dude, I/he wasn't there during my tours.

    I was there 81 - 86 then back again 88 to late 89. As I wasn't a passive qualified crewie my job on the last tour was to get the SAR flight up and running with Roy Lewis. (Lt Cdr) CO SAR flight.

    Thats why I love Highland Rescue on Ch 5. I keep saying to myself - I started that off!!!!!!!

    Good happy memories. (OLd fart I know). :lol:
  3. Can you remember "Jimmy Shand"? he's in charge of the civvy workers up there.
  4. Vaguely, put that down to age!!!!

    I'm struggling to remember the two MT drivers we had that used to run the bowsers whilst I was there!

    Ian ? was one and the other a tiny wee man who used to be a diver and secretary of ScotSac.
  5. Aye - Wee Adam, last I head he was seriously ill with Cancer & in a wheelchair, that was about 3 years ago. I believie Stevie Pointer is still living in Ayr & Big George Hewitson was driving wagons in newcastle
  6. I was saddened to hear of Adam. he was a smashing man. He helped me out no end and was a right laugh in the crewroom. To be sentenced to life in a wheelchair after an active life must be terrible for him.

    I always remember his tales of life as a pongo, shortest Sgt Major, smallest Sam Brown - never ever did let his lack of height diminish his sense of humour.

    Thanks Ginge for the name.

    Ian diagnosed my pneumonia when the medic said I had a mild chest complaint!!!! Lost 48 hours of my life in hospital, but at least I had a couple of codeine off the medic!!!!!!! what rhymes with Anchor?
  7. Does anyone remember an SAR Jockey "named Paddy Swain", Ive probably got his name wrong but he was a Mad B*******D like all good SAR Jockies.

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