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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stirling2, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Just for you Steve, a thicket of stokers. :)

    all clean shaven I'm afraid :p


    267 JICE course July-Aug '70.
  2. Stirling, class photo mate. Which one's you?
  3. 3rd from left standing. 8O
  4. Stokers without beards and long hairy arms!!?? o_O

    it can't be true!

    Stirling, you look handsome, but still, I understand that when UA joined up he arrived sporting a beard that reached the regulation (Tsarist) six inches above his knees!

    JICE? Does that mean you joined up as a Junior Ice Cream Engineer? ;)
  5. 'Have that boy washed and sent to my cabin No1' :twisted:
  6. I did see it. I was there myself in July. The scenery in Svalbald is stunning. I took my large format camera and came home with 35 images of Norway: but the ones taken around Spitsbergen were the most breathtaking.

    You can either cruise or fly there, but try to avoid doing so in Winter (Thingy friendly climate) as it gets a little chilly and rather dark :)

    Unless you're a masochist........
  7. Excuse me please Thingy,i am not a masochist and i do live up here,its a barmy +10 as i write this and i am ferkin freezing after 9 months in Spain :wink: :D
  8. Not winter though is it?
  9. No its not winter yet,when i left Spain last friday evening it was +40 and it was +8 when i eventually arrived home,Brrrrr :D
  10. +8! That must be Tropical Norway on the wrong side of the Arctic Circle ;)

    Honningsvåg's the ideal place to live: it never gets hotter than +10C and never gets cooler than -10C! That's my idea of paradise!
  11. Been there loads of times fishing with the father in law,and your right about the weather in Hvåg,its a nice place though if you like peace and quiet,

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