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Hi Guys hope you're both well.

Hoping you can give me a bit of info please.

I have my RT in March, going for AET. Assuming I gain the score I need, what is the realistic time frame for the next stages...eye test, medical, pjft etc...?

I am 34 in March so hoping the whole process will go smoothly. Am studying/ brushing up on things for the test as well as timing, fitness is fine and no medical issues I am aware of and found some really useful advice on here for the interview process.

Thanks in advance for time.
Re: FAo - SM or Ninja

I am not the most experienced person but I am guess each careers centre has different waiting periods depending on how fast the staff process your application and send it off to be checked and what not


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Re: FAo - SM or Ninja

hey m8 im also going through the application process. My local afco (exeter) wanted to get me through the RT, Medical, PJFT, and interview within a month, but i failed the medical (am fit now though :D) I imagine that all afco's aim for that kind of speed during the application process.



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Re: FAo - SM or Ninja

Am in the South West too so I can only hope for that kind of speed, from what I have read some peoples process takes 10-12 months before they even get a raleigh date. This seems to differ depending on location.

Good luck doing the medical again!
I had my RT first interview kinda thing where i filled out my application ect.. and managed to get a cancellation so ended up with my RT and eye test the next week. that was just before christmas, and i have my medical on tuesday (12th). However the guy told me that some people have waited upto 2 month for their medical so i think it just depends!
Don't take everything on here as a gospel mate, I started the process end of october and I've done everything bar my interview which is on the 18th of this month!

As for the raleigh dates, each branch has a different waiting time. (I would post you the link but I'm on my stupid phone!!) For instance, WS has a waiting time of 2years. Have a scoot around in the newbied bit, I'm sure its a sticky and the guesstimates are on the 7th page or something!

All the best,
Trigger 8)
hey mate dates for raleigh all depend on the trade you choose. currently AET is a 13 month wait. Also the waiting times arn't dependant on which AFCO you approach but mainly all the other processes by which you have to go through. you may also, due to your age, need to take into account that the 13 month wait is from when you take your phycometric test's or RT.

hope this helps.
sorry to hijack the thread! but, does the waiting times ever vary?? like for example, if the waiting time is 20month is there a chance to get in sooner if everything is completed? ie, interview medical ect..


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The waiting times can vary, my cousins, AET's, were told 6 months when they joined but got a start date for 2 moths later, i dont know if that happens frequently but at least its possible.

I also have my interview on the 18th Trigger, good luck with yours mate

I think as you get near the top of the waiting list and there is a cancellation then you can get a datew for raleigh quicker, but don't quote me on that!

Good luck mate, got my letter through on friday! Didn't expect it to be so soon! Let me know how you get on!!
The more flexible you are and the more options you give the AFCO staff, the quicker the process will be. If you are willing to go and sit at the AFCO on an RT day when they are fully booked (with their permission of course) in the hope that someone doesn't turn up then let them know that, they'll often say yes and people are always not turning up for things.

Also phoning round other AFCOs in your region and doing elements in different places can speed things up no end. Your AFCO may have a 4 week wait for a medical but the one 30 miles away may have a cancellation for next week. There is however a fine line between being flexible and being a royal pain in the ass, obviously if you are 17 or 18 with all the time in the world fair enough, but for someone your age who might be keen to get started sooner rather than later it's worth doing a bit extra.

Best of luck to you.

Will do my best for you on this one. Happy for Ninja to verify/correct later. SM unlikely to be around.

Ball park:

RT in March

Eye test/medical/interview/PJFT complete by mid-May (may be a wait for the medical - pressure of numbers)

Security Clearance - summer

Letter offering date - Christmas

Start - April/May 2011


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soliel, or anyone that can help, I passed my RT test in late october, and was originally aiming to be an officer, however at the beginning of December i decided i wanted to be an AET as a rating, provided my interview goes well on the 18/1/10 what would you say that my approximate entry date would be?

I know that there are lots of threads about this but im confused about when the entry dates began to spiral, my afco told me when i rang and changed my mind that it was a 9 month waiting list, but the next week it went to 13.

thanks for your help, Rich
StixJimboRM said:
I can't believe how long it all takes these days, I know there is a recession on etc but when I joined up it only took about 4 - 6 months from start to finish
Agree Stix, I had the RT on the friday in July, I passed and went for medical on the following monday, joined Raleigh early October.


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Thanks Sol"

thats a wait allright! Happy to wait though it is what I want to do.

Thanks also lonestar, good points, will mention that and see what happens.


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thanks a lot, I have come across that one and also ordered one mentioned before involving the times on line physc tests.

Like all newbies just chomping to get on...but all help is always welcome.
StixJimboRM said:
I can't believe how long it all takes these days, I know there is a recession on etc but when I joined up it only took about 4 - 6 months from start to finish
I was talking to an American friend of mine who is USMC and he was saying if you want to enlist over there, you turn up at the recruiting office with some ID, you fill in some paperwork and within the week they put you an a bus to boot camp. Works the same for the US Navy as well apparently.

However it might explain the questionnable calibre of some of their personnel!
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