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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by staedtler, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Ive been reading through the boards for a while now looking for an answer to my question. Although I didn't find one you seem to know what you are talking about so hopefully you can answer it for me?

    I am thinking of joining up and was wondering at any time during your training or before is there a blood test taken, and if so do you know what is tested for?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. sgtpepperband

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    Got something to hide..? :?
  3. very helpful
  4. Pox or Islamic DNA,scabies ,rabies,babies*

    *babies,you may have an undiagnosed conjoined twin lurking in yer bilges.
  5. hilarious, anyone with a real answer?
  6. Ok ,just pox then
  7. Not definatve answer and sure ninja will be able to help but have spoken to hubby who is a POMA and he's said, yes you do have one in basic (used to be week 1)and he's sure that its to find out your blood group but don't quote him on that
  8. I know that there is no blood taken before you join as I have gone through all those tests.
    You will have to give a urine sample tho for your medical. (however I cannot for the live of me remember what they test it for)

    From what I have been told by my friend who has gone into week four of basic, you will have a blood sample taken in the first week and its just to test the normal things like diabetes ect.

    I know it doesnt help alot but I figured may as well give all the info I have.
    Tho there are some people on these boards that dont try and help
  9. If you're joining as aircrew you will give blood if you are successful your AIB. It is possible the other candidates had to give it at their post-AIB medical, but I wasn't there to witness it.

    I can't remember exactly but had to give about 2-3 vials of the stuff. If you are a blood donor, you get to give one less.

    Not sure what for though...!
  10. Thankyou for some decent answers. Hopefully Ninja will be able to give me a definate but thanks for the info.
  11. Hi,

    The only time you will be a blood test is when you actually go down to Raleigh/CTCRM. You will be fully medicalled by one of the principle medical officers (PMO's). They will test you for every possible medical problem before they get you out of Raleigh as they have a get out clause on the contract during the first nine weeks.

    Hope this helps

    Ninja's side kick - Supermario

  12. Urine tests cast be used to quickly and cheaply diagnose a host of kidney malfunctions and diabetes. More generally they can identify sugar and blood abnormalities. They can also be used for drugs tests.

    As for what the navy look for, you'll have to wait for someone in the know.
  13. They need to check that you actually have blood coursing in your veins as against embalming fluid. After all it's not always easy these days to tell if a teenager is being lazy or is actually dead! :dwarf:
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  14. Cheers, this is the kind of answer I was looking for. Can you ellaborate slightly on "every possible medical problem" though, would they actually test your blood for EVERYTHING?
  15. I doubt EVERYTHING.

    Not celery for example.
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  16. What are you worried about in your blood?? If it's drugs then you will not be tested for drugs until you have been in Raleigh for 6 weeks at the earliest, even then they will be looking for if you have taken drugs recently not in your past. If you want to make a go of the Navy then drugs need to be left outside the gate before joining. If it's something else, then yes they may screen you blood for potential medical problems.


  17. I'm doin me best here so listen up ...... EVERYTHING INCLUDING POX

    "every possible medical problem" are you insinuating that having a conjoined twin stowed in yer bilges is a miracle and not a medical problem?

    If you have been knocking in back doors and have something wrong with yer "manhood" as Tim likes to call it then it has to be disclosed .Preferably in this forum and not some secret report.
  18. I'm off to bed now, I'll check this thread in the morning. I've had enough side splittingly hilarious humour for one night. "Celery", comedy genius. :roll:
  19. Sorry just seen this serious reply. No its not drugs its the possibilty of a blood disease.
  20. Bet you will be the darling of the mess.

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