FAO medical types; another 'will this affect my app' thread

Hello folks,

Bit of an odd one here: about three years ago I went to the doctor after a few days of vertigo, fatigue, nausea and dodgy balance. Yer man was a locum and despite not disclosing any depression to him, saw fit to prescribe me a run of 28 Escitalopram ('Cipralex') 'just to tide me over until uni started' after a 10 minute appointment, apparently due to something he extrapolated from my situation at the time (just made redundant at 18, etc).
Indicated at the time that I suspected an ear infection or wax buildup as I can be prone to them, but he didn't seem particularly interested in checking out my ears and since he was the Doc, took the prescription out and went home. Typing the brand into google was a wtf moment, chucked them soon after.

Anyway, the complaints above turned out to be an ear infection as I suspected and after some antibios and a syringing all was well. Promptly forgot about the whole thing until reading through the medical reqs post and dredged the memory up from the mists of time.

How's this misadventure likely to be phrased on the old medical records, and is it likely to jeopardize the app?

Cheers for listening to me drone.


It depends.

To start with, just because a GP is a locum means nothing about his clinical skill. I don't think most members of the public actually know what a locum GP is.

The way you described your symptoms obviously sounded more like a mental health issue to him than anything else, and I would be surprised if he didn't suggest this to you before giving you a prescription for anti-depressants.

As you didn't take the medication and you are somehow still alive and presumably normal, I would suggest you probably were not significantly depressed. I would have thought this would have been something you would have brought up with the second GP you saw who arranged the antibiotics and syringing.

If you want to know what is written down then make an appointment with your GP to find out.
Hello Jod,
You are entitled to see what it says in your medical records. As Angry Doc has suggested you should make an appointment with the doctor to view your notes. The doctor may be able to add a note to say that the pills were never taken.

Kind regards,
Emma -NFF
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