FAO Lamri

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stirling2, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. The young lady appears to suffer from steatopygia. (Look it up)
  2. 'kinell mate! [​IMG]

    Stand by! I'm having that :D
  3. Nah, can't be arsed ;)
  4. Not bad for a screen grab ;)
  5. Glad to be of service :thumright:
  6. Always in your debt :)
  8. Murgles, WM was saying that she had the arse of a wren SA mate.
    In other words, that she has a fat arse, which is why it was treated with the respect it deserved ;)
  9. Quite
  10. Oh Lamri, I preferred the one wearing the kit...you've just ruined my weekend :threaten:
  11. Really?
    I must admit, the screenshot didn't come out too good :)

    Edit: Ahh! Thats better! :D
  12. Thanks Lamri - looking forward to a nice weekend again !!!

    Cheers mucker
  13. how about this one

  14. Definitely not a clitoris long habituated to lesbianism--or a hottentot for that matter.
  15. Oh lordy!
    Glorious :)
  16. So tell me, given the choice of ONLY piccy A and piccy B below, which would you prefer to buy a drink for? :biggrin:

    Model A (no not the bloke, the other one!)

    Model B

  17. Holy shit - apart from AaC's post above this thread has turned out to be a veritable arse fest - I've died and gone to heaven !

    AaC - in answer to your question - A any day - at least I can put a few bags over her head and bite my arm off if she goes to sleep on it.

    In fact, the more I look at her the more familiar she looks !!!
  18. Oh Gawd, anyone got a tissue?

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